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Workplace Investigations & Discrimination Claims

Workplace Investigations

When faced with a complaint of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other unlawful employment practice, employers are legally obligated to conduct an investigation into the complaint. This type of investigation is one of the most effective steps an employer can take towards the remedy of illegal activity in the workplace.

Not only can a workplace investigation establish a strong defense in the event of a lawsuit, but it can also help prevent future issues as it demonstrates your company’s commitment to maintaining a workplace free from discrimination or other unlawful acts.

There are specific steps to conducting a workplace investigation that, when followed correctly, result in a thorough and fair investigation. Many employers facing complaints retain outside counsel to conduct the investigation to ensure all parties involved perceive the investigation as fair and complete. Further, in the event of a lawsuit, having an impartial third party familiar with the laws and regulations conduct the investigation can assist in an employer’s defense.

Our attorneys are available to conduct workplace investigations. We take the care to properly document the investigation and produce a report of our findings to both parties. Further, if corrective or disciplinary action is necessary, we will advise on the appropriate type of action.

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