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Business Litigation

Tully Rinckey PLLC provides a full range of litigation services over a broad spectrum of legal matters. Cases can be taken from client consultation through pre-litigation settlement negotiations, commencement of the action, provisional remedies, discovery, motion practice, pre-trial settlement negotiations, and trial.  We are capable of continuing the case through the appellate level in every Federal Court in the United States. Tully Rinckey has extensive experience in dealing with breach of contract, corporate disputes, commercial disputes, fraud and misinterpretation, breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, trade secret protection, and other business torts, insurance coverage disputes, as well as a wide variety of land use and zoning issues.

Legal Instrument Examination

Our staff can provide the required examination of legal instruments submitted by applicants seeking permission, registration, licensure or other action by, or from the Government.  Each examination provides a thorough review of the legal instrument and supporting documents to determine their adequacy and completion in meeting your requirements.  In order to come to an accurate determination, our staff will search records to ascertain the possible existence of conditions that would affect approval.  If the application is not granted, our professional staff will notify the applicant and advise the party on how requirements may be met or provide information on any alternative options.  If necessary, we will obtain any additional data or information to reconcile discrepancies between the applicant and the agency. Our staff is committed to arriving at all decisions within a timely manner and in compliance with all agency deadlines.

Ethical Advisement

Tully Rinckey PLLC can provide advisement to agencies on a broad array of governance and internal issues.  Through development of a set of legal and ethical standards, out attorneys can review and evaluate all ethical complaints that may arise from within your agency. Services include consultation on ethical procedures including information, clarification and direction on the issue, the handling of all ethical inquiries, and advisement on all suggested actions.  Our staff can handle the investigation of all ethical complaints and will provide a detailed review of their findings and a determination of the action to be taken.

Contact Tully Rinckey today to find out more information about the legal services we offer the government marketplace or how our service disabled veteran-owned small business could be an advantage to your company in teaming ventures and subcontracting opportunities.

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    Mark did a great job on my case. He was extremely knowledgeable and had a great “bedside manner.” He was obviously also highly respected by the members of the board we appeared before. - K.P. on Of Counsel Mark Ochs

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