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Inspector General Investigations

If you are a flag or general officer in the armed forces, you can expect to find yourself the subject of an inspector general investigation at least occasionally—it goes with the territory. You almost certainly will have one or more judge advocates assigned to you, but you must remember that those judge advocates do not represent you in your personal capacity. Ask your judge advocate whom he or she represents in a case where you have been accused of wrongdoing—the judge advocate will give you a well-rehearsed speech to the effect that “I represent the U.S. government, not you.” You cannot form an attorney-client relationship with your staff judge advocate, and any information that you share with that judge advocate is not considered privileged.

If you find yourself named in an inspector general investigation, you have a great deal at stake—you may retain private counsel during this time and the military lawyers at Tully Rinckey PLLC understand the system and will represent only your interests.

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