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Tully Rinckey PLLC understands that their clients’ success determines our success, that is why we collaborate closely with our clients and work diligently and efficiently to help them achieve their goals. With in-depth knowledge and legal experience, we are able to address even the most complex legal issues and focus on what matters most to our clients.  At Tully Rinckey PLLC, we measure our accomplishments through the successful and effective resolution of legal issues. Our case achievements and client testimonials are a testament to our commitment to impeccable client service.

The highly sensitive nature of the legal representation prevents the firm from disclosing the names of clients, per client confidentiality rights. Firm clients have granted us permission to post their comments and identify them only by their initials.

We welcome client feedback. Please send an e-mail to and let us know about your experience with Tully Rinckey PLLC.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Tully Rinckey PLLC

“Great Customer Service” – C.R.

“Great customer service, thoroughly explained all aspects of my case. Thank you.” - C.R.

“Cannot Thank You Enough” – R.S. and C.S.

“I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us.” – R.S. and C.S.

“Great Service” – E.S.

I want to thank you all for the great service rendered [to] myself and family. – E.S. on Client Relations Attorney Derrick Hogan

Legal Disclaimer

The results of all client matters depend on a variety of factors unique to each matter. past successes do not predict or guarantee future successes.

“High Regard” – R.E.M.

“Your firm held my best interests with high regard… I thank you for your efforts.” – R.E.M.

“Prompt and Efficient” – K.B.

“Prompt and efficient in processing claim, all correspondence handled in prompt and efficient manner.” – K.B.

“Impressed” – W.W.

“As a retired heavy user of attorneys, I’m impressed with your concerns and your efforts to stay in touch with your clients.  Its damned good management aligned with top notch expertise.” – W.W.

“Excellent Service” – J.R.

“Excellent service, very professional, and understanding and considerate of clients needs. Attorney was very approachable and there was a very good comfort level.” – J.R.

“Professional & Informative” – J.H.

“Professional & informative… I was pleased with the handling of the case.  I was treated as a person, and kept abreast of all aspects of the case. Thank you all.” – J.H.

“Thanks So Much” – J.D.

“Without your Firm, I would not have known of my claim. Thanks so much!” – J.D.

“Gets Results” – F.P.

“Most certainly – The firm gets results!” – F.P.

“Quite Satisfied” – R.W.

“I am quite satisfied with the services your office has provided.” – R.W.

“Exceptional Legal Services” – A.S.

“Your firm, Tully Rinckey, has provided and continues to provide me with prompt, keen, exceptional legal services. After the initial consult, I felt relieved that I had the representation from Tully Rinckey… I have found a new found hope with Tully Rinckey…” – A.S.

“Absolute Best” – R.H.

“My attorney was the absolute best I could ever have hoped for.  A pure professional in every sense of the word. She was very mindful of my financial expenditure and still was able to represent me very well in my court case.”– R.H.

“Outstanding Service” – A.R.

“Outstanding service, true professional.” – A.R.

“Top Notch” – V.W.

“My attorney was top notch.  Very pleasant and helpful.” – V.W.

“Ideal Choice” – D.H.

“My attorney knew exactly the approach to take and was the ideal choice.  She was extremely responsive.  She was clear, balanced, and open to our views and feelings.  She made it clear she was there for us and ready to answer questions.” – D.H.

“Very Satisfield” – D.D.

“I was very satisfied with the services provided which were completed in a very timely and professional manner.” – D.D.

“Excellent” – B.M.

“Your Firm provides excellent & free service to federal workers and NG/USAR members.” – B.M.

Federal Employment Law

“Proactive, Incredibly Knowledgeable” – K.D.

“Ryan Green handled my legal dispute against my former employer – the United States Army. Not only did Mr. Green achieve a favorable result in an extraordinarily brief amount of time, but he was also a very calming, reassuring and supportive presence throughout. He was proactive, incredibly knowledgeable, and available for my questions at all times while also displaying an unparalleled knowledge of government laws and regulations in defense of my case. I thought I would be facing years of tense battle against the Army but before I could even become too upset, my case was resolved in my favor. I absolutely recommend Tully Rinckey PLLC and specifically Ryan Green to anyone needing legal assistance. I know he will go on to do great things and help others similarly.” - K.D. on Associate Ryan Green

“Always Honest, Positive and Reassuring” – T.C.

“First and foremost I want to thank Tully Rinckey for their expertise in acquiring one of its best lawyers to represent me in my case against The Bureau of Prisons. There was never any doubt in my mind that Mr. Neil A.G McPhie from the moment I viewed his testimony on Tully Rinckey’s website that this was going to be the attorney to represent me among all the other attorneys who are skillful on MSPB hearings. I said “this is the man who is going to get the job done because of his experience as a judge in the MSPB and the fact that he was appointed by one of our presidents George W. Bush.” Not only did Mr. McPhie come through in winning my case but was always honest, felt positive and gave me some type of reassurance to make me feel good on how the case was going although I was always a nervous wreck. Mr. McPhie thank you again from the bottom of my heart I am totally overwhelmed by the decision from the MSPB and I hope that other prospective clients who are seeking legal representation will hire you to represent them on their legal battles. Thanks for hitting a home run!!!” - T.C. on Virginia Managing Partner Neil A.G. McPhie

“Very Helpful” – J.W.

“Thank you for the correspondence letters throughout the process. The reception and integration about the procedures of the firm were very helpful and offered a ‘calm’ to the situation I was going through.” - J.W. on associate Corinna Ferrini

“Voice for the Voiceless” – M.K.

I often related to Mr. McPhie that no one really cares about the little guy that empties the trash. But my Brother is a much loved father, brother and son. He worked for over 24 years with an impeccable record until this final supervisor. I simply wanted to bring to your attention the outstanding attorney you have in Mr. McPhie. My family is considerably grateful for all his efforts. Mr. McPhie has been a voice for the voice-less. Somehow the word “gratitude” doesn’t really capture the depth of what my family and I would like to express! To summarize, we believe you all have employed an American Hero! - M.K. on Virginia Managing Partner Neil McPhie

“Dedication and Perseverance” – J.M.

“Although Monica was not the first lawyer assigned to my case, she quickly involved herself with the details and specifics of my situation. Monica did a superb job of managing my expectations by providing me bottom line information. She allowed me to make the most informed decisions based on the current situation. It was clear to me from the beginning of our professional relationship that Monica truly cared how I was doing, mentally and physically. My experience was very stressful, but with Monica’s ability to keep me abreast of details and anticipation of things to come, she helped relieve much of my concern and stress. I am eternally grateful for the dedication and perseverance that Monica and the firm showed me throughout the past two years.” - J.M. on associate Monica Molnar

“Kept Me Informed Through the Whole Case” – V.A.

“Monica Molnar has to be one of the TOP attorneys in the country that deals with EEO issues. She took my case, studied it, came up with a game plan, [and] then worked it to PERFECTION. She is an expert at what she does. She is extremely knowledgeable about EEO issues. One of the most important things was that she made me aware of everything and she always had a smile. She also had that aggressive bulldog mentality that I wanted. She never backed down once in my EEO case. She will not be pushed around by other Attorneys. That was exactly the type of Attorney that I was looking for. She really kept me informed through the whole case process. I would throw her a parade and have Monica Molnar day, if I could. She is absolutely tremendous. […] No one is better if you are seeking JUSTICE for an EEO case.” – V.A. on Associate Monica Molnar

“Terms of My Settlement Was Really Surprising” – P.A.

“Want to use this opportunity to thank Ryan Green for a job well done. He handled my case with the MSPB in a timely matter and the terms of my settlement with the veterans affair medical center was really surprising to me. Once again, thank you and like I said to Mr. Green, I will still use Tully Rinckey again and again, if there is any need.” - P.A. on associate Ryan Green

“Excellent Job Representing Me” – K.S.

“Cori had previously dealt with the TSA Review Board and did an excellent job representing me. She was easy to talk to and responded to my needs very promptly.” - K.S. on associate Corinna Ferrini

“Appreciate Your Time and Service” – R.K.

“I really appreciate your time and service in legating my case.” - R.K.

“Very Pleased With the Outcome” – I.W.

“I was very pleased with the outcome of legal services provided. I attribute the fact that no action was taken against me to excellent legal advice I received.” - I.W. on associate Corinna Ferrini

“Good Knowledge of Federal Regulations” – R.B.

“Your firm has a good knowledge of federal regulations. Few firms do. I will recommend your firm for any federal employment service.” - R.B.

“Very Pleasant to Work With” – K.S.

Corinna worked long hours getting all the information needed to win my case. She was very pleasant to work with and kept in touch with me very often. Cori was very supportive in finding answers to my numerous questions. I would proudly recommend her for anyone needing help with Federal Government issues. - K.S. on associate Corinna Ferrini

“Thank You for Everything” – E.J.

“I thank you for everything! I will definitely refer you to everybody I know!” – E.J. on Client Relations Attorney Derrick Hogan

“Resolution Was Quite Fair and Timely Received” – R.S.

“Great experience. Resolution was quite fair and timely received. Federal agency was tardy in forwarding settlement draft, but your law firm quickly responded to ensure resolution after I inquired.” – R.S. on Managing Partner Greg Rinckey

“Very Attentive and Supportive” – S.M.

“I would like to personally thank Cori Ferrini for her diligence and tenacity during the phases of my case. She was very attentive and supportive through the process. She added much value and I truly enjoyed working with her.” - S.M. on associate Corinna Ferrini

Legal Disclaimer

The results of all client matters depend on a variety of factors unique to each matter. past successes do not predict or guarantee future successes.

“Always a Step Ahead” – J.L.

“I feel like the staff at Tully Rinckey always understood exactly what I was trying to gain from my case.  They understood my needs, and what I was trying to accomplish.  I feel like they were always on the ‘same page’ as me, and I didn’t have to explain myself, as they were always a step ahead.  The knowledge of Tully Rinckey PLLC was well worth the investment.” – J.L. on Tully Rinckey PLLC

Military Law

“I Couldn’t Imagine Using Anyone Else” – J.N.

“Meghan Peters understood the nature of my issue when most other attorneys had little experience with my problem. Meghan was very thorough with her explanations and she provided simple and straight forward answers. I have been referring the firm to everyone I know. I couldn’t imagine using anyone else for legal service.” - J.N. on associate Meghan Peters

“Persistence and Unwavering Support” – A.M.

“Due to the outstanding counsel and representation from the Attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC, I successfully settled my Butterbaugh claim against my agency.  This settlement agreement would not have been possible with their persistence and unwavering support for my rights and service to my country. Thank you!” - A.M. on associate David Fallon

“Professional Service and Advice” – R.G.

“I wanted to take the time to take you for your professional service and advice. I would not have been successful with proving my innocence with this case. I commend you and your staff on a job well done, and I appreciate all you have done for me and my family. Mr. Rinckey you and your firm are true professionals and I will always have you as my attorney. Thanks for all your support.” - R.G. on Managing Partner Greg T. Rinckey

“Can’t Thank You Enough” – J.E.

“I can’t thank you folks enough, I feel so vindicated! Let me tell you a funny story. I received a letter from the court on Thursday saying that my appeal had been dismissed. In my translation of legalese, I thought the letter said that the Gov’t had settled earlier with me for 104 hours and that I was entitled to nothing more. That wasn’t the way I remembered it but you all had the facts, all I had was memory. I was going to write and thank you for your hard work on my behalf, and move on. The next day I went out to the mailbox and found a check from DFAS for  $2,034! I am sure you could have heard me cheer. When I submitted my case a few years back, the Gov’t only sent me 3 years of finance records – and half of those belonged to someone else. I was told that no other pay records were available because of the infamous St. Louis records warehouse fire. Everything gets blamed on the warehouse fire. Thanks again, keep fighting for those of us who don’t have a chance. You guys are heroes.” - J.E.

“Pleased With My Results” – R.A.

“I would like to express my appreciation for the great job your firm has done to get my refund from the Air Force for in correct charges of military leave while I was working as an Air Reserve technician. I had been retired for about fifteen years and had very little paperwork to support my claim. However your firm worked diligently to find all the necessary documents and negotiate a settlement. Everyone I dealt with at your firm were extremely knowledgeable, and professional. I was pleased with my results and have recommended your firm to several other former Air Reserve technicians who fell under the same situation.” - R.A.

“Very Familiar With Military Law” – S.D.

“Mr. Rinckey was a life saver. I really gave up that there were no lawyers out there that were familiar with military regulations. Greg was very familiar with military law and was very good keeping me informed with his phone calls with the NYARNG.” – S.D. on Managing Partner Greg Rinckey

“Thank You!” – M.H.

“Thank you for all that you do for National Guard issues!” - M.H.

“Most Amazing Attorneys in the World!” – P.K.

“Non-judgmental, efficient, professional, personable, most amazing attorneys in the world! This is my first experience with attornies and I know in my heart I got the best ones! I do have bragging rights! Keep fighting the good fight!!!” - P.K. on Managing Partner Greg Rinckey

“Cannot Thank You Enough” – R.S. and C.S.

“I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us.” – R.S. and C.S.

“Great Representation” – T.M.

“I received great representation and a fair settlement.” – T.M. on managing partner Greg T. Rinckey

“Absolutely Great” – S.D.B.

“The firm (Mr. Rinckey) was absolutely great. I was able to set up a payment plan to suit my needs and best of all, I was found not guilty. I truly believe that without Mr. Rinckey, I would not have received a fair trial from the military and my whole life would have been ruined!” – S.D.B. on managing partner Greg T. Rinckey

Legal Disclaimer

The results of all client matters depend on a variety of factors unique to each matter. past successes do not predict or guarantee future successes.

“Veterans are Being Heard!” – R.E.

“Thank you so much, not just for me, but for all service members that were fired for serving as well.” – R.E. on founding partner Mathew B. Tully

“Highest Degree of Integrity” – S.H.

“I ran into an experience where I was being discriminated against by my employee based on my military service.  Whenever I needed him he was there for me.  I can’t recommend Mat and his law firm enough.  He truly cares about his clients and it shows by the way he treated me in one of my darkest hours.  He clarified all of the issues for me and he delivered on all of his promises.” – S.H. on founding partner Mathew B. Tully

“Wonderful” – L.C.

“Thank you for the wonderful pro bono service.” – L.C. on managing partner Greg T. Rinckey

“Looked Out For My Best Interest” – S.E.

“I had final say on settlement and my attorneys always looked out for my best interest. Your Firm provided the perfect fit for my legal needs.” – S.E. on managing partner Greg T. Rinckey

“Team of Experts” – T.W.

“Anyone who has an issue regarding their civilian employment or the military I refer to you.”  – T.W.

“Successful Outcome” – S.R.

“I would like to thank Mr. Greg Rinckey of Tully Rinckey for the efficient and professional service I received with respect to a recent military matter.  I would also like to thank his paralegal for keeping my family and I continuously informed as to the progress of my case.” – S.R. on managing partner Greg T. Rinckey

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