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Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce Spotlights Return of Founding Partner Mathew B. Tully, Esq.


Mathew Tully Returns to Tully Rinckey PLLC after Afghanistan Deployment; Recovery from Suicide Bomber Attack

12 Jun 2014
by: Tully Rinckey PLLC

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Tully Retakes the Reins at Law Firm That Is Substantially Larger Than When He Left for Military Duty


June 10, 2014 – Albany, N.Y. – Tully Rinckey PLLC Founding Partner Mathew B. Tully has returned to his multimillion-dollar, Albany, N.Y.-based business, from which he took military leave in early 2012 to serve as a lieutenant colonel in Afghanistan with the Army National Guard. Mr. Tully’s return to the full-service law firm marks a new stage in his legal career and the end of a distinguished military career that spanned nearly two decades. On May 5, he was medically retired from the U.S. Army, following a long recovery from injuries he sustained during a suicide bomber attack involving a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) on Aug. 7, 2012. As a result of his service in Afghanistan, Mr. Tully was awarded the Combat Action Badge in May 2012, the Purple Heart in September 2012 and Bronze Star in February 2013.

Having previously been deployed to Iraq in 2005 and Egypt in 2007, this is not the first time Mr. Tully has returned to his law firm after completing his military duty. However, there are several significant differences between this return to the firm and the others. Unlike his prior returns to the firm, he is now among the tens of thousands of veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom who are transitioning back to civilian life while dealing with a service connected disability. Mr. Tully has also permanently returned to civilian life, having ended a military career that began in 1991 when he first put on a military uniform as a part of Hofstra University’s Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) program. See below timeline.

Mr. Tully has also returned to a firm that is substantially larger than when he left it. Last April, the firm relocated its K Street office in Washington, D.C. to a recently redeveloped LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum-certified building a block away from the White House. Shortly after Mr. Tully survived the suicide bomber attack, Tully Rinckey PLLC opened its second upstate New York office in Syracuse on Aug. 30, 2012. Between the attack and the Syracuse office opening, Mr. Tully’s wife on Aug. 27, 2012 gave birth to his daughter, Annamae. The firm went on to open offices in Buffalo in January 2013 and Rochester in July 2013. Within the next two months, the firm plans to relocate its downtown Buffalo location to a considerably larger office elsewhere in Buffalo. This new location is roughly five times larger than the space it currently occupies in the city. Firmwide, Tully Rinckey PLLC employs over 120 people, including nearly 60 attorneys.

In Mr. Tully’s absence, Tully Rinckey PLLC Managing Partner Greg T. Rinckey handled the day-to-day affairs of the firm. The firm now has six offices, compared to the three it had when Mr. Tully went to Afghanistan. While Mr. Tully was on active duty, the firm’s revenues grew by 49.1 percent in 2013. Mr. Tully has dedicated his legal career to strengthening the employment rights of service members through his pioneering Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) litigation. USERRA protects civilian job rights and benefits for veterans and members of the active and reserve components of the U.S. armed forces.

Although Mr. Tully returned to the United States from Afghanistan in early fall 2012, he remained on active duty as he recovered from his injuries. He initially received treatment at a Wounded Warrior Unit in Fort Benning, Ga. and later at another Wounded Warrior Unit in Concord, Mass. He was prohibited from working in a civilian capacity until his medical retirement took effect earlier this month.

Mr. Tully is immediately available to discuss:

1.     Lessons he has learned from nearly two decades of military service that enabled him to build one of the nation’s fastest growing private companies;

2.     Steps he has taken to resume a leadership role at a multimillion-dollar business after leaving active duty service;

3.     What his return means for Tully Rinckey PLLC in Albany; and

4.     His future plans for Tully Rinckey PLLC and his law practice.

To speak with Mathew B. Tully, or for more information, please contact Brandon Adamczyk at (518) 218-7100 or at A high-resolution version of the above timeline can be provided upon request.


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