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Chairman Greg Ball Urges for Passage of “Jobs For Heroes” Program

(Albany,  N.Y.) State Senator Greg Ball (R,C,I – Patterson) joined  veterans  and  colleagues  at the New York State Capitol on Tuesday morning  to stress the importance of passing the NY Jobs For Heroes Program (S2803B),  a  concept  that was recently supported by Governor Cuomo in his State of the State address.

The  NY Jobs For Heroes Program will create a state contract preference for service-connected  disabled  veteran  owned  small  businesses  in New York State.  The  legislation mirrors the highly successful federal program that is  presently  established for a contract set aside. Currently nearly forty other states are successfully using this program.

“Providing  this  earned  opportunity  to  our  heroes  is commonsense. The Governor’s  public and recent support is exactly the kick in the pants this bill needed to make it a reality. I am very happy to welcome Governor Cuomo aboard  our  statewide  mission to create a ‘NY Jobs For Heroes Program’ in New York State. With his support, I am optimistic that this can be the year we  pass  this  bill  to join the nearly forty other states that offer this contract  set  aside,”  said  Senator  Greg  Ball,  Chairman  of the Senate Veterans,  Homeland  Security and Military Affairs Committee. “One in seven veterans  are  self-employed  or small business owners. The same attributes that  make these people so vital to defending our freedom are the same hard earned  intangibles  that make them exceptional at running their businesses and  creating  jobs. We have been trailing the nation on this front for far too  long.  I  urge  residents to join our cause by signing the NY Jobs For Heroes petition on my website. The time to get this done is NOW!”

Senator  Greg  Ball’s legislation has repeatedly passed in the Senate since it  was  introduced  in  2007.  New  Yorkers  can  sign the Jobs For Heroes Petition by clicking here.

Senator   Greg   Ball   was   joined  at  the  press  conference  by  three service-connected  disabled  veterans  from  Drexel  Hamilton,  LLC. Joseph Krulder  II,  Carolyn  Hulse  and  Matt Kuskie all work at the full-service institutional broker-dealer founded on the principle of offering meaningful employment   opportunities  to  disabled  veterans  desiring  a  career  in financial services.

“We  owe  our  nation’s  veterans  and their families nothing less than the opportunity  to  pursue  the American Dream through hard work and access to meaningful careers that allow them to demonstrate their full capabilities,” said  James  Cahill,  president  of  Drexel Hamilton LLC.  “Drexel Hamilton thanks  Senator  Ball  for  his  tireless  work  on behalf of veteran-owned businesses  in  New  York  State,  and we commend Governor Andrew Cuomo for shining  a  bright  light  on  the  needs  of  veterans  and  veteran-owned businesses.  We  look forward to working with them this year to advance the cause of New York’s veterans.”

Mathew  B.  Tully,  founding  partner of Tully Rinckey PLLC, joined Senator Ball at the press conference. Before launching his legal career, Mat served for  three  years  in  the  U.S.  Army  as a field artillery officer. After suffering  from  military  discrimination  at  the  hands  of  his civilian employer,  Mat  received  his  juris  doctorate from Brooklyn Law School. A lieutenant  colonel  in the New York Army National Guard, Mat has chosen to dedicate  his  legal  career to protecting and preserving the rights of his fellow   veterans  and  reservists.  As  a  civilian  attorney,  he  helped strengthen  service members’ employment rights under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

“Service-disabled,  veteran-owned small businesses should not have to fight New  York  State  to  do  business  with New York State. SDVOSBs have found strong  allies  in Governor Cuomo and Senator Ball, and I encourage Speaker Silver to fight for us and not against us,” said Mathew B. Tully, Esq.

“Serving as Chairman of the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs  Committee,  Greg  Ball  has  been  a  true  champion of New York’s veterans.  Senator  Ball  has  honored  our  veterans and helped the heroes returning  back  home.  I  am proud to lend my support to his important ‘NY Jobs  For  Heroes’  program.  This  initiative will create a state contract preference  for  service-connected  disabled veteran-owned small businesses and  is  a  must-do  this session. Our veterans fought for us; now it’s our turn  to  fight  for them. Greg’s bill helps make this a reality,” said New York State Senator Kathleen A. Marchione (R,C-Halfmoon).

“Our  brave  men  and  women returning home from overseas do not deserve to stand on the back of the unemployment line. We need to continue to focus on innovative  ways  to create jobs for all New Yorkers, especially those that serve   our   country  with  honor  and  dignity,”  said  Senator  Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester).

“I  am  pleased to represent so many veterans who serve at Fort Drum and in Rome. My goals is to keep as many of these skilled, knowledgeable people in my  district  after  their  military  service  is  finished. I support this legislation  because  it  offers  a  real  opportunity  for  those  with  a service-connected disability to start a second career here. I am pleased to again  support  Senator Ball’s legislation and I commend Governor Cuomo for recently  speaking out in support of this bill. Hopefully, this is the year New  York  joins  the  federal government and 40 other states in offering a helping hand to these small business owners,” said Senator Joseph A. Griffo (R-C-I Rome).

“This  legislation  is  long  overdue.  It is time for New York to join the federal  government  and  the  nearly  40  other  states  in providing this contract  set  aside  for  our  service-connected  disabled veterans.  This legislation has been proven successful on both the federal and state levels and  I  call  on  the  Assembly  to  follow the Senate’s lead and pass this legislation to assist our military men and women who have given so much for their country,” said Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson).

As  a  proud  American,  I  believe it is incumbent upon all of us to show gratitude to the great nation in which we live,” said Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn). “And that includes thanking our brave and selfless servicemen and  women.  For  all  the  sacrifices  our veterans have made for us, they deserve  the  promise  of  economic opportunity. I commend Senator Ball for taking  the lead and championing this vital legislation. As we go about our daily lives, let us bear in mind that freedom isn’t free.”

Senator  Greg  Ball will also be hosting a New York City and Albany hearing to promote the program.

Albany  Hearing  and  Lobby Day: On Monday, February 10, 2014, Senator Greg Ball  will  be  holding  a  hearing in NYS Capitol; the event will begin at 12:30 p.m., in room 124 of the Capitol. Service connected disabled veterans will  be  in  attendance to share how a state preference in contracts could provide  veterans  in  New  York State with both meaningful employment, and business ownership opportunities.

New York City Hearing and Tour of Drexel Hamilton: On Tuesday, February 28, 2014, Senator Greg Ball will host a tour of Drexel Hamilton, a full-service institutional broker-dealer founded on the principle of offering meaningful employment   opportunities  to  disabled  veterans  desiring  a  career  in financial  services. Attendees will be able to see, first-hand, how a state preference  for  contracts could expand companies like Drexel Hamilton, who actively  employ  service  connected disabled veterans. The tour will be at 11:00  a.m., at Drexel Hamilton’s New York City office, located at 77 Water Street,  Suite  201.  After  the  tour, Senator Greg Ball will be hosting a hearing at the Senate New York City Office, located at 250 Broadway.


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