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Partner Peter J. Pullano, Esq. explores the federal case against Dawn Nguyen with News 10 NBC


Mother of Greece woman found guilty in connection with West Webster tragedy speaks out

Updated: 04/16/2014 6:30 PM
Created: 04/16/2014 11:47 AM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

A jury found her guilty in connection with the West Webster ambush and now while she sits in a jail cell, waiting to learn her punishment, families impacted by the tragedy continue to rebuild their lives and homes. As construction continues in that neighborhood on Lake Road, many people are wondering what’s next in this case.

Dawn Nguyen faces several years in prison. A jury found her guilty Tuesday of lying on a gun application in 2010. She bought the guns for convicted felon, William Spengler, who shot four firefighters, killing two of them.

Dawn Nguyen’s mother went on a local radio station to defend her daughter. Throughout the trial, Dawn Nguyen’s mother has been outspoken, defending her daughter. News10NBC reached out to her for a comment, but never heard back. News10NBC did get the recording of her call into Kimberly and Beck on The Buzz before the verdict came down.

Dawn Chung, Dawn Nguyen’s mom, said, “She has worked since the age of 11. We used to own a restaurant in Greece called Chung Garden, it can all be proved. She has worked since she was a young kid.”

Nguyen’s mom described her 25-year-old daughter as hard working and college educated. On Tuesday, a jury decided she broke the law. Police say they started looking into who bought the guns after they found a note on a fence on Lake Road after the Christmas Eve ambush. In part of the letter, written by the gunman, it read, “By now, you’re probably wondering how an ex-felon got hold of such shiny, new weapons? It’s not really all that complicated if you know Dawn Welsher Chung.”

Chung said, “It doesn’t say anything about her. It only says things about me. They went after me. They couldn’t get me. That’s why they went after my daughter. I said before if anything ever happens that it was a set-up. Mr. Spengler set us up.”

Dawn Nguyen only lived next door to William Spengler in Webster for a few months. News10NBC went back to the neighborhood Wednesday. Many families didn’t want to talk on camera. They’re still rebuilding their homes almost a year and a half later. There is a memorial to the fallen firefighters and a sign that says, “The future of this lot is in honor of fallen firefighter Mike Chiapperini.”

Nguyen’s mom did not come to court to hear any testimony. News10NBC did reach out to Nguyen’s family. They said they will talk with us, but right now, they are just trying to figure out what is next.

Nguyen will be sentenced May 19. She also is facing federal charges. She’s accused of buying weapons for a convicted felon, lying about it to federal officers and being in possession of a weapon and marijuana at the same time. She doesn’t have a federal trial date set yet.


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