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Tully Rinckey PLLC’s Derrick Hogan, Esq. speaks about the Adrian Peterson charges on WRGB CBS 6

CBS 6 Albany, NY

September 15, 2014


SCHENECTADY — The Minnesota Vikings said Adrian Peterson will play this week despite being indicted on child abuse charges.

Peterson released a statement on Monday saying “without a doubt I am not a child abuser” as other players stood behind him.

“I’m from the South so you know I probably got it a little worse than that growing up, but you know I guess people have different opinions,” said Viking Fullback Jerome Felton to ESPN.

Although some cited “cultural norms” as a reason for the support, Clinical Psychologist Rudy Nydegger said the actions can still have an effect on the child.

“I moved up here from Houston. It’s no more right down there than it is up there. Is it cultural? To a certain extent it is, but the fact is it doesn’t work, it’s potentially harmful and it’s probably not the best way to manage a kid anyway,” said Nydegger. “When people’s welfare are at stake and people are potentially harmed, it is a bigger issue, so no the fact that it may have been ok in the past or ok in one place and or the other, doesn’t make it ok now.”

Peterson is due back in court later this week. The Vikings said it would wait until the legal process is completed before making a decision on his status. The NFL said it is looking into the matter under its Personal Conduct Policy.

Legally, prosecutors would have to prove his actions went over the line of parental discipline and find a jury to ignore and potential social norms.

“It’s a question of how far did it go,” said Tully Rinckey PLLC Associate Derrick Hogan. “If it even went to a jury trial then when you’re doing jury selection those are going to be questions for perspective jurors. Are you going to be able to take your personal beliefs aside and look at this based on the facts and the law not what has happened to you in the past or you’ve done in the past with your children.”


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