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Don’t Get All Your Eggs from One Basket…

Especially if that basket is from one of the farms affected by the recent salmonella outbreak.  According to the US CDC at least 1,200 illnesses have been reported since May, with some 550 million (550,000,000) eggs now the subject of recall.  While some with weakened immune systems can be subjected to life-threatening symptoms, common symptoms include diarrhea, cramping and fever.

Wright County Egg and Hilandale farms, of Iowa, have been a large source of the recall, and illnesses have reached at least thirteen states.  Those who reside in California, Colorado, and Minnesota, where many Salmonella cases have been discovered, should be careful, however investigation is also ongoing in Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.  Recalled cartons can be identified by checking “Julian” dates, which range from 136 to 225, and “plant” numbers, including P-1026, P-1413, and P-1946. The label is in the format of plant number followed by the Julian date, such as P-1946 223.

The first lawsuit has now been filed on behalf of a Wisconsin resident who was infected as a result of consumption of eggs; however this most certainly is only the beginning, with additional suits expected throughout the affected areas.  That suit alleges that the plaintiff, who ate a cobb salad at a local restaurant in Kenosha, Wisconsin, contracted an illness which required hospitalization.  The plaintiff has brought claims against the owner of the restaurant, as well as the producer of the eggs and their respective insurance companies.  The lawsuit alleges, in part, that the “products” (the eggs) were faulty when they left the facility, and that the facility as well as the restaurant were negligent in distributing and serving them.

While the recall has not reached New York just yet, it would be wise to remain on the lookout for symptoms, including diarrhea, cramping or fever, and to ensure that any consumed eggs are properly cooked.  Also be aware of any dishes containing eggs, and if you believe you have exhibited symptoms of salmonella call Tully Rinckey to discuss your options.


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