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Testimonials - Family and Matrimonial Law

“Treated Me With Compassion and Comfort” – S.H.

“At an extremely traumatic time for me, Barb King treated me with compassion and comfort. She reassured me she would advocate for me, educated me on my rights, and yet never stirred up acrimony or delayed the proceedings. She was always …

“Very Thankful” – J.B.

“Barb was very knowledgeable and competent. I am very thankful for what your offices do for me. Thank you” – J.B. on Partner Barbara J. King

“Fantastic Experience” – J.R.

“I had a fantastic experience with Barb. She was practical, did not waste time (or fees), and gave blunt, accurate advice. Nobody has a good experience going through a divorce, but having Barb as an advisor makes for a much …

“Calm and Confident” – M.G.

“I would like to thank you for the wonderful job Tully Rinckey PLLC did on my behalf. In an unusual circumstance where the custody of my daughter changed for a period of 6 months because of Hurricane Irene, they managed …

“Five Stars!” – D.L.

“Five stars! No one WANTS a lawyer but if you NEED one, Barb is excellent!” – D.L. on Partner Barbara J. King

“So Wonderful” – K.A.

“To Tully Rinckey PLLC and all the people involved that made this outcome happen, so wonderful, I would like to say thank you.” – K.A. on Tully Rinckey PLLC

“Makes a Horrible Situation Manageable” – K.T.

“Barb was amazingly compassionate and trustworthy and more! She’s what makes a horrible situation manageable.” – K.T. on partner Barbara J. King

“Thank You For All Your Help” – K.L.

“Thank you for all your help, Barb. You are terrific and I will exuberantly tell anyone looking for the best lawyer about you!” – K.L. on Partner Barbara King

“Very Helpful and Compassionate” – J.B.

“Jennifer was very helpful and compassionate during a difficult time in my marriage. She listened to my concerns and knew legal rules I had no idea about. She handled my divorce in a most timely fashion which I appreciate. She …

“I Felt Like I Mattered” – E.B.

“She was (and is!) an excellent attorney: bright, concerned about me, responsive, skillful, and she let me be part of the decision-making. She demonstrated the perfect mix of professional and personal concern and I felt totally comfortable with her at …

“Overly Impressed” – C.I.

“I was overly impressed with Jennifer. She was great and knowledgeable to work with. I appreciate everything she did for me during this time. Also those I worked with at the end to get it all completely finalized.” – C.I. on …

“Excellent to Work With” – J.R.

“Barb was excellent to work with – always accessible, knowledgeable and responsive. She cuts the the chase and provides great advice. I have and will continue to recommend her services.” – J.R. on partner Barbara King

“Knows Matrimonial Law Inside and Out” – L.S.

“Barb King knows matrimonial law inside and out, including the judge and court staff!” – L.S. on Partner Barbara King

“Always Made Me Feel Like She Understood” – K.M.

“Barbara did a wonderful job and always made me feel like she understood what I wanted to be done.” – K.M. on partner Barbara J. King

“Competence, Poise, and Personal Investment in My Case” – G.L.

“High divorce rates in this country suggest that many of us either have had a friend in this situation or have experienced it ourselves. Thus, the anxiety and fears associated with this process are familiar to most of us: a …

“Best Choice” – A.B.

“If anyone needs a divorce/child support lawyer, Barbara will be your best choice and your lawyer for life. Her professional approach to all parties, knowledge of family law, and stern position to protect her clients (including myself) was very impressive. …

“Swiftly and Professionally” – J.K.S.

“When I first met with Jen Corcoran, I was confused and concerned that I was being misrepresented by my current attorney.  After my first meeting with her, I felt a fair and just resolution was now not a dream of …

“Utmost Respect” – R.K.

“Since being introduced to Jennifer, I found myself to be very comfortable with her legal guidance and oversight of my situation. From the beginning, Jennifer provided me with honest, detailed, and accurate assessments of my legal and financial situations. I …

“So Thankful” – R.J.

“This is the third time that Jennifer Corcoran has represented me. The first time was approximately three years ago. My ex- husband died and I found myself in a legal battle with his ex-wife over insurance that was meant for …

“Always There” – D.W.

“Divorce is difficult with much uncertainty.  When choosing a lawyer you are entrusting that person will guide you in the right direction. During the process Barbara King was always there when I needed her. Because of her commitment, I felt …

“Breadth of Knowledge” – D.B.A.

“My life-long friend and personal attorney referred me to Barb King and I felt confident and comfortable with her upon our first introduction, which was my initial consultation meeting.  Barb King has shown that she not only has a verified …

“Extremely Pleased” – G.G.

“I am extremely pleased with Barb King” – G.G. on partner Barbara J. King

“Great To Work With” – D.A.

“Barb King has been great to work with” – D.A. on partner Barbara J. King

“Great” – T.D.

“Barb King was great.  Professional, knowledgeable, and always pragmatic.  I would recommend her highly!” – T.D. on partner Barbara J. King

“Professional and Kind” – A.P.

“Very professional and kind at a very tough time.” – A.P. on partner Barbara J. King

“Made Me Feel Safe” – C.C.

“I can’t say enough about the service I have and am receiving from you office.  I receive quick responses and results with Barb and the support staff.  Everyone is always polite, professional and helpful.  From day one, Barb King has …

“AWESOME Attorney” – R.J.

“Barbara King is an AWESOME attorney and if she is representative of your staffing in general then you must be the preeminent law firm in the capital district.  I could not be any more pleased with the services provided to …

“Really Cares” – P.R.

“Working with Barbara King made what could have been a very unpleasant situation simple, easy to understand and relatively painless.  Barb’s support, ability to draw out information and availability is not typical of what has been my past experience with …

“Valuable and Calming” – E.C.

“Very pleased with services and arrangements. Greg has been a valuable and calming influence in helping me deal with my issue.” – E.C. on managing partner Greg T. Rinckey

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