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Legal Ramifications for Spitzer

Local attorney Thomas Carr tells us at most, Spitzer could be charged with a misdemeanor, and even that is usually plead down to disorderly conduct, not a crime, but a violation.

“It’s very, very rare for the Feds to actually charge someone who uses the services of a prostitute. Usually the people they are more interested in is the people who run the prostitution ring,” said local attorney Thomas Carr.

Now the question is, without facing any criminal charges, can Spitzer be forced to resign? The answer is no. According to local attorney Thomas Carr, someone in Spitzer’s position would have to be charged with a felony before that could happen. And even then, Carr says precedent has been set for those holding public office…That resignation is not automatic.

“For instance Senator Craig said he was going to resign from the Senate but wasn’t forced from the Senate. President Clinton had his troubles, even going back to Senator Kennedy in 1969, he got suspended,” Carr says.


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