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More Claims of Police Brutality

Just weeks after two lawsuits were filed against Albany Police, a third person is now coming forward, also claiming the department used excessive force. It is a formal complaint that is now under investigation by the Albany Citizens’ Police Review Board.

The claim follows the cases of 25-year-old Michele Fera of Slingerlands, and of John Behrmann, a 73-year-old dentist from Saratoga Springs. Behrmann says this surveillance video from last December proves he was dragged feet-first from a prisoner transport van while in police custody.

Wednesday, NEWS10′s Dori Marlin spoke exclusively to the latest man making allegations against the force, to find out more about his case.

He says pictures, that he is only sharing with NEWS10, “paint a thousand words.” We have posted those pictures in the right column of this page.

“I had nothing, no defense at all when I was in handcuffs and shackles,” says 31-year-old Shane Delyser, of Castleton. “Anybody who gets arrested, no matter what the situation is, shouldn’t come out looking like I did.”

Delyser, looking like a beating victim in the pictures, allegedly at the hands of Albany Police. His claims stem from an incident the night of October 19th, when he and some friends were at the bar “Nick’s Sneaky Pete’s” in Albany.

“I was just dancing on the dance floor, I don’t remember bumping into anybody, causing any problems,” Delyser says. “Next thing you know, I woke up in handcuffs and shackles. I was face down in a puddle, with about four to six cops on top of me, driving their hands into my neck and throat, driving their knee into my back.”

And suffering from a slew of injuries, with the pictures to prove it.

Listed among his reports from Albany Medical Center: gastrointestinal bleeding, nasal fracture, facial abrasions, even a concussion.

According to Delyser, police told him he was under arrest for criminal trespassing. He says, he paid ten-dollars to be at the bar.

“It’s frustrating,” says Delyser. “I didn’t do anything to deserve this…at all.”

He has already taken his case to the Albany Citizens’ Police Review Board, filing a formal complaint. Delyser received a letter in return, saying the board will, “review and monitor the investigation.”

Delyser says he has already spoken with an attorney, and he may file a lawsuit against the department.

Since the complaint is now being investigated by the force internally, police tell us they cannot comment on the situation.


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