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Seward Shows Support for Vets

I am writing as a service-connected disabled veteran of the Iraqi war to thank Sen. James Seward for his support of veterans’ issues in the New York State Legislature.

Seeing that we just celebrated Memorial Day, I would point out that Sen. Seward provides veterans with more than mere lip service when he says he supports the troops. Many veterans’ organizations have strongly proclaimed their support for S3946 in which Sen. Seward is the main sponsor.

This legislation will help many veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars transition into civilian life with the benefits and services they deserve at no cost to New York state taxpayers. Sen. Seward’s involvement in this legislation is evidence of his desire to support the troops, not only while they are war, but when they return. I am pleased to have Sen. Seward as my representative in the state Legislature, and I believe he is deserving of public recognition for not only his words and support of the troops, but also his actions.

- Mathew B. Tully


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