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Tom Carr Comments on Passing of New York State Gun Law

CBS 6 Albany, NYGun owners and Second Amendment advocates say New York’s Gun Control law is illegal, and they’re promising to fight it in court.

Gun owners believe their lawmakers trampled on their rights. “The Second Amendment does give people individual rights they’re not limitless and they are subject to reasonable restrictions,” said attorney Tom Carr.

Now, groups plan to challenge a decision that would be the first of its kind in the nation.
“A Governor and a State Senator who vowed to have more transparent government did something like this on a message of necessity and forced it through late at night without public comment,” said Tom King, NYS Rifle and Pistol Association.

After a late-night call to action here at the Capitol from the Senate, the Association made a call of it’s own — possibly the first step in a challenge of this legislation.
King sent a copy to a sitting judge. “He called me this morning and I said, ‘so what did you think about it?’ He said ‘I didn’t understand it.”

One point in the bill calls for limits on high-capacity magazines — some of which are used by gun clubs. “The AR-15 is the gun that they use and you need more than seven rounds in a magazine,” King said.

A registry on such assault weapons would be required. Though the association believes that conflicts with a federal act prohibiting registries, legal experts say, “the 1986 act relates to federal law and records being kept by the federal government,” Carr said. “It doesn’t prohibit the state from keeping records.”

It’s expected any legal challenge of New York’s gun control measures will not be successful because of the overwhelming majority of support.

When asked if lawmakers passed Gun Control too quickly, Carr said, “the bill was published around 11 o’clock in the Senate, and they voted on it within an hour and a half. It’s a forty-eight page bill.”

Any debate left out last night picked up today by arms enthusiasts — who say they were left out of the process. “That really tells me that these people who are professing right now that these people who are debating this bill in their house right now that are saying we’re not against guns, we’re here to make New York State safer, they’re not telling the truth,” King said.

Politicians wanted to do this fast — to prevent a rush on buying the kinds of assault rifles they want to limit. New York may not stand alone on this level of Gun Control for long — and it could meet lawmakers goals of keeping you safer. “If a lot of states in a region each did this it very well could,” said Alan Lizotte, dean of Criminal Justice at UAlbany. “There’s been some research that when you pass gun laws, crime rates go down as a result of that.”

Judges and lawyers have already begun to look at New York’s rules for Gun Control, which opponents call the most technically flawed piece of legislation ever written — and violates a federal prohibition on gun registries.


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