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Woman Arrested on Ninth DWI Charge

Doris Aiken, the President of Reduce Intoxicated Drivers, said, “I don’t care how much people drink or even what they drink. Just don’t get in a car.” For more than 30 years, Doris Aiken has been the president of “Reduce Intoxicated Drivers” or RID USA. Doris says drunk driving can’t be tolerated.

Aiken said, “I enjoy alcohol. I enjoy an occasional martini or a glass of wine. But if I go out and put my key in a car, I am a criminal.”

Driving while intoxicated is something Heather Higgins, 52, was charged with Wednesday night. It was her ninth arrest on DWI charges after she hit a telephone pole on Mohawk Avenue in Scotia.

Police say she had a blood alcohol level of .19 percent, more than twice the legal limit.  Aiken said, “Her car should be taken immediately and sold. And not only should she not be able to drive here in New York, but in the nation.”

Higgins has been convicted eight times for DWI, five of which were felonies. Her first arrest dates back to 1979. She had her license taken away in 2002, but was able to get in back in 2009.

Michael Macomber, an associate at Tully Rinckey, says that’s because her offenses were spread out and many happened years ago.

Macomber said, “The laws weren’t what they are today. We didn’t have as much public awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, examples are even the drinking age was

Higgins has served time behind bars, spending 15 months in state prison. A return trip seems likely, although some feel jail may not be the answer.
Aiken said, “We have many people who have killed people and they leave jail for killing someone and immediately go to a bar and get drunk.”

Higgins is in the Schenectady County Jail without bail. Her license has been suspended once again. She’ll make her next court appearance on March 8th.


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