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Memorial Day Speeding Ticket Could Cost More Than Your Vacation

Millions of drivers will hit the roads this Memorial Day weekend with one thing on their mind “get to where they are going and get there fast.” The excitement of arriving to the campground, relatives house or just a favorite vacation destination might cause people to push on the gas pedal just a bit too much. Tully Rinckey PLLC criminal defense attorney Michael Macomber reminds drivers before they hit the road this weekend that popular driving holidays such as Memorial Day are notoriously when high amounts of tickets are issued by police.

“They will be out there watching and waiting. Many law enforcement agencies heavily staff the highways and roads looking for anyone in violation. Understand that speeding in essence will only save you minutes on a commute but could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run,” warns Macomber.

New York State Traffic Cost Consequences Charts

*According to 2012 Calculations

>10 mph Over Posted Limit $230 3 Points
11 – 30 mph Over Posted Limit $380 4 – 6 Points
<30 mph Over Posted Limit $680 8 – 11 Points
TRAFFIC VIOLATION COST (Insurance rate Increase*)
Reckless Driving 22%
Speeding <30mph over limit 15%
Speeding 15-29 mph over limit 14%
Speeding 1-14 mph over limit 22%
Failure to Stop 15%
Improper Passing 14%
Seat Belt Infraction 3%

“Just because you are cited for a traffic violation does not mean you are guilty. You can fight it. Each ticket identifies the steps you need to take to contest your ticket if you feel you are not in the wrong. You should plea not guilty and request a hearing,” says Macomber.

Macomber also reminds all drivers that ignoring a speeding ticket will cause a judge to enter a default conviction on the original charge and impose a fine. Failure to answer the ticket or pay the fine will cause your license to be suspended.


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