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“You guided our son thru this entire process without alarm, yet with caring persistence.” – D.T. on behalf of W.T.

Dear Meghan,

Thank you for the service you provided to me and my US Marine Corps son, who was struggling with having his combat earned disability terminated by a Board of Inquiry.  The things that impressed me about you are:

  1.  Management – You confidently and appropriately analyzed documentation regarding his injuries and treatment, met with him and his military counsel, introduced information inconsistent with the previous Board findings, and encouraged the Board to revalidate their decision…which they did.  You guided our son thru this entire process without alarm, yet with caring persistence.
  2. Fact Finding – You discovered material information that was erroneous.  You performed diligently in getting this new information understood and accepted by the Board and this information was influential in reversing the Board’s previous decision.
  3. Confidence – You assumed control and confidently led my son and I into believing you had solutions to resolve his issues with the Marine Corps.  That confidence was well placed by us, as it turned out.  Your patience and competence with my son, his Marine counsel, and the Board was outstanding.

Meghan, I found your firm online in a moment of despair.  My son was in North Carolina and I was in California, and his Hearing in Washington, DC, a gap that seemed insurmountable.  Your office routed my call to you.  You gave me hope that our rotten situation could be corrected.  The fees charged by your firm were substantial, but well worthwhile for the amount of knowledge you possessed, the clarity in which you connected with my son and his over-whelmed appointed Marine counsel, the purposefulness in which you determined a strategy and executed it, and of course, the competent manner in which you presented evidence and concern during the Board of Inquiry.

Please accept this letter as an endorsement of your work. You have permission to use it for purposes to attract other desperate parents, such as me, to help their struggling awesome children in the US Military.  I am grateful to you and am honored that you performed superbly to correct a situation that had run afoul of justice. – D.T.


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