What Does Title IX Prohibit?

Conduct that is prohibited under Title IX includes all forms of sexual harassment, which can occur verbally, physically, through pictures, or anything in between. Common types of prohibited sexual misconduct that may occur on a college campus include:

  • Rape
  • Stalking
  • Dating violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Sending unwanted sexual images

Not only are the actions listed above prohibited on campus, but they are also not tolerated off-campus. In fact, you could make Title IX complaints about sex-based discrimination that occurs off-campus to your school’s Title IX coordinator just as if it had happened within the school’s grounds.

Title IX Procedures in Binghamton

If a school is found in violation of Title IX regulations, they may be obligated to pay damages and attorney’s fees to the person filing suit, and furthermore may lose federal funding in particularly egregious cases. However, since each school has its own Title IX procedures, it is important to understand that the processes at each college in and around Binghamton may be slightly different than other universities.

For example, the process for resolving Title IX complaints at Binghamton University starts with an initial report made to the Title IX Coordinator or a staff member of the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI), either in-person or via phone call. This staff member could then help you understand the methods of resolving the situation, offer applicable university resources, and determine if the ODEI is the best university resource for resolving the problem.

What to Do When Facing Title IX-Related Accusations

If you are accused of any form of sexual assault or harassment prohibited by your school and/or the law, it may be particularly important for you to seek legal assistance. In addition to potential suspension, expulsion, and other academic penalties stemming from your school’s internal investigation, you may also face criminal charges depending on the severity of your circumstances.

A skilled Tully Rinckey Title IX lawyer could help with both sides of such a matter, whether that be university conduct hearings and/or courtroom trials.

Requests for Title IX Confidentiality

In order to encourage students to report sexual misconduct on campus, universities in Binghamton strive to protect the identities of those who make complaints, especially if they specifically request confidentially. However, there may be times when the university must disclose a reporting student’s name to protect the wider campus community.

For example, Binghamton may be unable to maintain a student’s request for confidentially if:

  • The accused person has a criminal background or a history of violent behavior
  • The accused person used a weapon during the incident
  • The reporting student is under the age of eighteen

A Binghamton Title IX attorney could explain your legal options if you wish to remain anonymous during your university’s Title IX investigation process.

Let a Binghamton Title IX Attorney Assist You

If you experience sexual discrimination while pursuing your college education, it could affect many aspects of your life and prevent you from getting the education you deserve. Similarly, being accused of sexual misconduct can be overwhelming and dramatically affect both your current and future prospects.

Whether you are a student accused of violating your school’s code of conduct and/or New York Penal Law, a student bringing a claim against someone else at your university or college, or a staff or faculty member filing a sexual harassment claim against your employer, get in touch with a knowledgeable Title IX Binghamton lawyer today.

The dedicated legal team at Tully Rinckey PLLC has represented students, faculty and staff, and coaches and collegiate athletes alike in Title IX cases. We could help you navigate your school’s unique policies, regulations, and Title IX processes to ensure your rights are protected each and every step of the way.

No matter the criminal matter you face, the respectful, knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at Tully Rinckey handle your legal representation with sensitivity and care. We protect your rights and fight to help you realize the legal outcomes you desire. Let us represent you today.

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