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In today’s global marketplace, companies of all sizes understand the value of competent, prospective employees from around the world. Whether you are navigating an international merger or acquisition, or seeking talented foreign national employees, a range of complex immigration issues may arise.

Tully Rinckey PLLC offers a wide scope of immigration services and advice to meet the timely needs of both domestic and multi-national clients. From international organizations to small businesses, we can effectively assist with global immigration matters affecting workers, executives, investors, entrepreneurs and even family members.

Tully Rinckey PLLC attorneys possess comprehensive knowledge about the legal and business context in which immigration concerns exist and can assist employers in navigating those issues.

Our attorneys can offer the following legal services to our corporate clients:

  • Transferring global Executives, Managers and Specialists
  • Hiring professionals under the H1B program
  • Assisting with hiring foreign medical personnel
  • Managing the immigration needs of a large nonimmigrant work force
  • Ensuring compliance with USCIS, DOL, and DHS requirements
  • Preparing strategies for permanent employment certification and ultimately legal permanent residence

Business immigration counseling advice may include:

  • Mergers and acquisition counselling
  • I-9 compliance and review
  • Advice on the E-verify system
  • Ensuring compliance regarding working hours and forced absences
  • Immigration issues related to reductions in force or layoffs
  • FDNS work site visits
  • And more

Whenever a transaction involves employees who are foreign nationals, it is imperative to ensure their immigration status following the transaction so it does not result in serious violations of applicable laws and regulations. Such issues could potentially expose you to various civil and penal sanctions. In addition to maintaining valid work permits, employers must be aware of all compliance issues, including the retention of certain official documents, anti-discrimination provisions, document fraud or misuse and successor liability for predecessor non-compliance. Schedule a Consultation to address the immigration needs of your business or organization.

For most companies, the goal is the implementation of immigration strategies that satisfy or exceed desired business objectives. Drawing on significant expertise in business immigration, Tully Rinckey attorneys are available to assist businesses of all sizes from around the globe in a range of immigration matters. Consultations can be arranged by calling (202) 787-1900.

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