Breach of Contract


If you or your business has suffered a significant loss due to a breach of contract, you’re entitled to go to court to force the other party to meet their contractual obligations. You may also sue for financial and other damages caused by the breach. Whether you wish to file such a suit, or need to defend against one, you need experienced legal representation to protect your personal or corporate interests.

At Tully Rinckey PLLC, our trial-tested attorneys stand ready to provide aggressive representation for you or your company. Whether you’re bringing a suit or defending against one, we help you realize the outcome you deserve.

We draw from proven experience and deep resources to answer fundamental questions in your case, such as:

Then we litigate your case on its merits, working tirelessly on your behalf and advising you on the possibility of an appeal or should you feel the outcome isn’t fair.

The litigation attorneys at Tully Rinckey have a deep understanding of how contract law works. We offer experienced counsel on filing a suit or defending against one. Whether you’re an individual or you represent a company, we provide a strong legal foundation for your position and litigate your case all the way from discovery to appeal.

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