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How to Deal with Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets During a Divorce

Cryptocurrency has become one of the newest and most prevalent investments of the last two years. As a result, the courts are now faced with the prospect of having to evaluate and…

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What’s next for schools and businesses regarding the mask mandate?

New York State (WRGB) — While the judge has granted New York’s motion to keep the mask mandate in place until the Appellate Court takes further action, schools and…

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Fact Check: Will there be an eviction crisis?

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Will there be an eviction crisis? That’s what some people have been worried about now that New York’s eviction ban is over. There have been…

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What tenants and landlords need to know about the end of NY’s eviction moratorium

(WSYR-TV) — On March 20, 2020 through executive order then Governor Andrew Cuomo announced New York’s eviction moratorium, to help people who had a hardship during the…

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Former President Trump sues NYAG Tish James, claiming civil rights violations

ALBANY, NY (WRGB) — Former President Donald Trump is suing New York Attorney General Tish James, claiming she is violating his civil rights because she views him as a political…

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Could insurance premium changes come for unvaccinated employees?

SYRACUSE N.Y. — The supermarket chain Kroger is ending pandemic benefits for employees who refuse to get vaccinated. This means, if an unvaccinated worker catches COVID-19, they…

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Businesses adjust to non-conformity in enforcement of mask mandate

CAPITAL REGION, NY (WRGB) — Patrick Noonan is the owner of el loco Mexican Cafe in Albany. With a new mandate taking effect this week by Governor Hochul, he can either require…

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Is Virtual Visitation a Practical Option in a Post-COVID World?

Visitation and child custody cases are rarely easy, and oftentimes the solutions proposed are not very equitable to both parents. Also, a parental separation can lead to the…

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What New York State’s Eviction Mortarium Extension Means For Landlords

Since former Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the initial New York Eviction Moratorium on March 20, 2021, New York State landlords have received little to no assistance from the New…

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Who gets the Pet in a Divorce? From Chattel to Childlike Custody.

Child custody cases can be some of the most emotionally charged battles a person can experience in the course of their life. But these days, the fight for custody has been…

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