Articles by Charles McCullough

Justice Watchdog Has Legal, If Not De Facto, Independence from Trump

The Justice Department’s inspector general is maintaining radio silence on an unusual tweet from President Trump this weekend. That’s the one that prompted Deputy Attorney…

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Trump orders ‘highly classified’ data for Congress on FBI’s ‘tactics’

President Trump ordered his chief of staff Monday to make sure Congress gets “highly classified” information from the Justice Department, intelligence community and FBI —…

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Jared Kushner and the state of security clearances in the White House

The White House’s insistence that Jared Kushner’s work will not be affected by chief of staff John Kelly’s crackdown on interim clearances — a move Kelly made…

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When Cybersecurity and National Security Interests Collide

Good cybersecurity protects private information from being accessed by an outside source. However, when that outside source is an intelligence agency and the private information…

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