In today’s global marketplace, companies of all sizes understand the value of competent, prospective employees from around the world. Whether you are navigating an international merger or acquisition, or seeking talented foreign national employees, a range of complex immigration issues may arise.

Tully Rinckey PLLC offers a wide scope of immigration services and advice to meet the timely needs of both domestic and multi-national clients. From international organizations to small businesses, we can effectively assist with global immigration matters affecting workers, executives, investors, entrepreneurs and even family members.

Tully Rinckey PLLC attorneys have experience working with both individual and corporate clients on a variety of immigration-related issues. They can assist with all types of non‐immigrant petitions, visa and consular issues, employment and family-based immigrant petitions, adjustment of status applications, naturalization, options for investors and entrepreneurs, and more.

Our attorneys have assisted employers of all sizes in a variety of business immigration matters from industries, including medical research, software development, the steel industry, construction, and aerospace.

We are fully committed to helping our clients effectively navigate the complex laws that govern immigration to the United States. We understand the desire of many people from around the world to move to America in hopes of studying, working or joining family members. Whatever your immigration matter, our lawyers will handle your case with care and sensitivity.

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