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At Tully Rinckey we have payment flexibility that can fit just about any budget. We will work with you to make our quality legal services affordable. Remember, nothing is more expensive than ineffective legal representation!

This relatively simple question depends on the type and complexity of the individual matter and which attorney, or team of attorneys, is working on your case.

Because each case is different, our attorneys offer personal attention to your legal need. At the conclusion of your first consultation with our office, we will fully explain what we charge for your type of legal issue. Although we will try to explain the process and answer your questions, it may be impossible to quote exactly how much your case will cost start to finish, particularly if your legal issue is extremely complex or involves unforeseeable circumstances.

During your initial call to the firm, our standard procedure is a short screening process to avoid any potential conflicts. Once this is complete, you will be transferred to an available attorney. If no attorney is currently available in that practice area, one will return your call as soon as possible. There is no charge for this initial conversation to determine if we are able to assist in your matter.

After being assigned to an attorney, you can schedule a formal consultation with him or her to present any detailed questions you may have. We generally do not offer free consultations, with the exception of a few practice areas. Our consultations can be done over the phone, at our office, or via teleconferencing.

If we are unable to help or do not currently practice in a particular area of law, we have an extensive network of other attorneys. If you would like an attorney referral, this service will be provided at no cost.

While some firms may offer a “free” consultation to get clients through the door, one must examine the full cost and quality to make a proper attorney assessment. Keep in mind that, although the brief consultation is at no charge, the hourly rate or up front fees may be much higher. Additionally, the free consultation may not include a thorough case review.

During our consultation, we understand the client’s time is very valuable. Once a consultation is scheduled, our attorneys do background work and preparation so they can maximize the use of time. The attorney will assess the case, answer any questions, review any paperwork, present options and suggest a plan of action.

While we can not guarantee the outcome of any case, we can discuss the merits and pro’s and con’s of your particular situation and advise you on the realistic probable results. Chances are we have significant experience with many situations similar to yours.

The majority of our cases will be billed on an hourly rate. For certain types of legal services a flat fee will be charged.  Cases taken on contingency must be authorized by firm management and the respective attorney.  For some types of cases, a retainer or down payment may be required and will be discussed during the first consultation with our office.

Typically, an hourly rate reflects the attorney’s experience level and reputation. For example, a Senior Partner charges a higher hourly fee than an Associate Attorney. Keep in mind an attorney with experience with your type of matter may perform the necessary tasks at a faster rate, thereby saving you time and money. When choosing an attorney, it is very difficult to choose one over another solely based on the hourly fee he or she charges.

The attorneys at Tully Rinckey offer the strength of the area’s largest firms while providing personal, professional and affordable services.

As with any professional service, we expect to be compensated for the work provided. We are dedicated to controlling costs and managing client fees. These billing practices enable our firm to provide our clients with quality, cost-effective legal counsel. We have flexible payment options that are assessed on a case-by-case and individual basis.

For some cases we generally require that all fees be paid upfront, prior to representation in court. We can usually get continuances if this helps give our clients extra time to make proper arrangements when necessary.  In most family court cases we require final payment before the case is completed. However, if adequate collateral exists, we will consider a secured note or deed of trust to guarantee payments over extended periods of time for almost any type of case.

Additionally, we are equipped to take payment via credit card. A credit card can be used to secure emergency legal services, consultations, retainers or any payments. If you need more information or have questions regarding about our billing or payment options, please give us a call. You can pay online.

Please contact our Business Manager or call 8885294543 for any billing questions or concerns.

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