New York State Special Education Lawyers

Children with disabilities and special needs have a guaranteed right to receive an education that meets their unique needs. Unfortunately, the special education process can be exceedingly complex and overwhelming for those unaware of New York’s special education law.

At Tully Rinckey, our New York special education lawyers work with parents to ensure that their children receive a free and appropriate public education. Our attorneys will fight on your behalf to ensure your child is set up in an educational setting that allows them to make meaningful progress and receive the education they deserve.

Experienced New York Special Education Lawyers

Our legal team understands the frustration that parents experience when a school district fails to provide their child with a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Despite what the school district may say, your child has a right to receive a FAPE, and the school district is required to provide your child with appropriate special education services, appropriate annual measurable goals, and evaluate your child at its expense. Tully Rinckey can provide your unique child with a unique legal approach to achieve these goals.

Our Special Education Law team are well-known and well-respected zealous advocates for their clients, and we frequently represent parents in the following matters:

Individualized Education Programs (IEP)

  • Reviewing IEPs with clients to determine if they are appropriate for the child
  • Demanding appropriate IEPs for children with disabilities
  • Preparing and sending letters demanding updated evaluations
  • Attending IEP meetings to ensure our clients receive appropriate services and goals
  • Reviewing evaluations to advise our clients on the best approach for their unique child
  • Ensuring the school district provides our client with a FAPE

504 Plans

  • Reviewing 504 plans to ensure they properly accommodate a child’s non-educational disability
  • Reviewing medical records with parents to determine the best approach to best accommodating their child
  • Preparing and sending letters demanding remedies for the violation of 504 plans.
  • Attending 504 plan meetings to ensure the child’s non-educational disability is properly accommodated by the school district
  • Due process complaints and impartial hearings
  • Drafting due process complaints when a dispute arises between our clients and a school district
  • Representing our clients in resolution meetings
  • Representing our clients in impartial hearings
  • Representing our clients in appeals to the state review officer
  • Negotiating with school districts to resolve our clients’ due process complaint
  • Filing federal court actions to enforce orders by impartial hearing officers or state review officers
  • Ensuring our clients receive pendency for their child when appropriate
  • Receiving non-public (private) and out-of-district placements for our clients paid for by the school district

Manifestation Determinations And Suspension Hearings

  • Reviewing a notice of suspension with our clients to determine the best path forward
  • Negotiating disciplinary matters with school districts to lessen the proposed discipline
  • Providing representation in Superintendent’s Hearings and Manifestation Determination Reviews
  • Attending manifestation determination meetings with our clients to advocate on their behalf
  • Attending suspension hearings with our clients

What Our Clients Are Saying:

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You have every right to pursue legal action if your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) has been violated or they have been ignored in school. The experienced New York State Special Education attorneys at Tully Rinckey can make sure your child succeeds.

Our attorneys have a thorough grasp of New York special education law, and we regularly assist individuals in K-12 all across New York State. Whether in Albany, Buffalo, Manhattan and New York City, Syracuse, White Plains, or anywhere in between, we can serve as an advisor to you regardless of your school’s location.

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