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When it comes to assessing the unique challenges that come with addressing what students, parents, educators, and administrators face, the New York Education Law attorneys at Tully Rinckey stand out by having a deep and thorough understanding of New York’s ever-increasingly complex education law and environment.

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Disagreements and disputes are unfortunately commonplace in many schools and universities throughout New York State between students and their parents, staff and faculty, and the school districts themselves. Many times, hardline stances are taken that can put the education of the student at risk, derailing their academic progress and possible future as well.

As such, when it comes to addressing your education-related disputes, it may not be advisable to try and “go it alone.” If you find yourself at odds with a school, you need an experienced legal team that will help you understand the intricacies of your unique situation and what options you have before you.

At Tully Rinckey, our team of experienced education law attorneys provides comprehensive legal representation to a broad variety of different clients across New York State and City. From elementary schools to universities, both private and public, our attorneys have seen cases like yours and will utilize our vast experience in education law to defend your interests and achieve your goals.

School District Denial of Necessary Accommodations

The attorneys at Tully Rinckey understand how frustrating it can be when a public school district fails to provide necessary accommodations for your child in school or when a district recommends services or restrictions that your high-functioning child may not need. We’re committed to helping you assert your rights and those of your child. Our team can advise you on how to obtain better programs and services for your child so that they receive the best possible education.

Our attorneys serve as zealous advocates for children with special needs, assisting parents with:

  • Attending IEP meetings with our parent-clients.
  • Obtaining remedial education and educational placement;
  • Structuring Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or plans under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (504 Plans);
  • Securing required and/or appropriate evaluations;
  • Obtaining speech, occupational, physical therapy, or other special education services;
  • Due process Complaints and Hearings; and
  • Appeals to State Review Officers.

Don’t let you or your student be at an academic disadvantage due to a public-school district’s refusal to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education. While your child’s school district might say otherwise, Federal and New York State Law guarantee your child a Free Appropriate Public Education. To learn more about how we can assist with securing special education programs or other accommodations, visit our subpage on the topic here.

Student Misconduct

Whether your student is facing a public-school superintendent’s hearing or a college or university disciplinary committee, there is often much more at stake than just a slap on the wrist. Penalties for infractions of a school’s or university’s conduct or honor code can range from minor reprimands to probationary punishments, long term suspensions, and even expulsion. This can not only threaten you or your student’s education but could also lead to expensive fines and wasted tuition or result in a permanent mark on your academic record.

In addition to conduct violations, all federally funded educational institutions have separate departments to handle all Title IX violations. Should your allegation fall under Title IX, you could face even more consequences or have an additional investigation from your school’s Title IX department.

Unfortunately, many students do not have a clear understanding of how these processes work, and with the quick timeframes they have to defend themselves, they are often left to the whims of the university’s or school’s disciplinary committee. Without proper due process and experienced counsel, you or your student’s educational and professional careers could end all together due to a misstep or misunderstanding.

Faculty and Staff Disciplinary Issues

Students aren’t the only ones who risk disciplinary action as a result of charges of wrongdoing. School educators, professors, staff, and other employees are regularly targets of unjust accusations—either by coworkers, students, or parents. School boards have an obligation to examine these claims and, if required, execute disciplinary punishment, even if the evidence is inconclusive. In such cases, faculty and staff require the assistance of an employment attorney advisor to ensure their rights are protected and to assist them in preparing a strong defense.

Why You Need an Education Law Attorney

School disciplinary hearings are frequently conducted in a manner comparable to a court hearing or trial, with the difference that these hearings are not legally obligated to follow traditional court rules. Students are not always considered innocent until proven guilty, and while schools typically provide due process to the accused student in their policies, this does not always apply in practice. An accused student is automatically at a disadvantage because the review board is familiar with the procedure and the student is not. And, because these schools are under public pressure to keep their reputations clean, they tend to dispense justice quickly, often before a student can even regain their bearings.

Students who are not facing discipline but have a legitimate dispute with the school, such as academic progression disputes or ADA problems, face the same disadvantage. Without the assistance of an education attorney, these students and their parents would either be unable to mount a successful dispute or, worse, may be forced to accept the student's fate without even filing a disagreement.

How We Can Help

At Tully Rinckey, we can provide experienced advice to parents, teachers, students, and staff seeking to navigate all types of discipline and school dispute cases. From fighting for our client’s right to provide the student a Free Appropriate Public Education as required by the IDEA, conduct violations and Title IX issues to ADA and other academic issues, we have seen cases like yours and can provide you with the advice needed to get the results you seek.

Our attorneys have a thorough grasp of New York education law, and we regularly assist individuals in K-12, college, and other graduate programs all across New York State. Whether in Albany, Buffalo, Manhattan and New York City, Syracuse, or anywhere in between, we can serve as an advisor to you regardless of your school’s location.


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