Commercial transactions drive the economy. Business owners and vendors rely on the enforceability of contracts in strategic business planning and investment decisions. Breach of contracts may lead to significant financial damages.

In addition to contractual disputes, the American Law Institute has recently reported that recovery for economic torts represents a growing area of the law, spanning such issues as fraud, negligent misrepresentation, unintentional infliction of economic loss, professional negligence, interference with contract, and the like.

Partnerships can dissolve leading to disputes over how debt and proceeds are divided. Such disputes may affect the livelihood of the business and the individuals involved. Trade secrets may be in issue. Time and money can be a factor.

Business litigation can be time-consuming and expensive. Lawyers who are experienced in both business and litigation strategy are a key asset in business disputes. Tully Rinckey’s Texas commercial litigators bring such experience to bear.

Litigation between businesses can involve:

  • Complex legal filings
  • Arduous discovery
  • Intense depositions
  • Grueling trial preparation
  • Exhausting settlement negotiations
  • Complicated jury selection
  • Demanding argument and evidence presentations
  • Rigorous courtroom challenges

It’s imperative that you hire a law firm that can do all the heavy lifting, while still protecting your legal rights and shielding your business interests.

The capable, trial-tested litigation attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC know how to win. We’ll handle your case from start to finish, making sure you and your business are protected.

Our litigation attorneys have a wealth of experience in a number of corporate and commercial litigation areas, including:

  • General commercial and contract
  • Construction
  • Employment
  • Securities
  • Real estate
  • Land use and zoning
  • Bankruptcy litigation

The litigation attorneys at Tully Rinckey offer your business a number of clear legal advantages, including:

  • Proficiency and innovation – We offer efficient and creative legal solutions that best serve your business
  • Trial-cycle representation – We have the ability to take your case to and through litigation if necessary
  • A full-service firm – We offer a wide range of litigation services in all aspects of corporate and commercial litigation
  • Deep resources and experience – We regularly appear in state and federal courts across the country

Sometimes the best solution to your business’s legal issue is to settle out of court. Our attorneys provide you with clear settlement options for your dispute resolution. Then we aggressively represent your interests at the bargaining table. We’re adept at settlement negotiations, making sure you realize the best possible outcome of your dispute.

If the results of a litigation are unsatisfactory to you, our attorneys can review your case and advise you on the chances of a successful appeal. The appellate courts operate differently from trial courts. If you decide to appeal, we ensure you meet the deadlines for appeal and that your case is made as compellingly as possible to the proper court. Our litigators have handled appeals to the highest appellate courts in the nation.

We realize how important it is to find a solution for your dispute promptly. From the filing of a complaint to discovery, from trial to appeal, the litigators at Tully Rinckey bring every resource to bear on your case, with an eye toward securing a speedy settlement or a favorable judgment. Whether you’re the complainant or the defendant, we litigate your corporate or commercial legal matter from a position of strength.

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Business disputes can lead to claims of defamation, breach of contract, misrepresentation, or fraud. The attorneys at Tully Rinckey understand that these types of issues can arise and are well versed in evaluating, litigating and resolving business disputes with the goal of achieving best possible outcome for the client.


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Your business start-up or developing company may not need or can’t afford to hire in-house attorneys. Even mature businesses sometimes lack the legal workflow to justify retaining full-time general counsel. Under such circumstances, you have another option – outsourcing general counsel services to a qualified law firm.

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A global economy doesn’t necessarily make transacting international business any easier. If your company currently does business overseas or across the border of another country, or is contemplating doing so, you need legal representation that understands how international transactions and litigation are properly conducted.

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Business tax law can be incredibly complex, and ignorance is no excuse when facing an inquiry or audit from federal, state, or local tax agencies. At the same time, businesses are often at an advantage when it comes to tax issues, and good decision-making can make a huge difference in your company’s bottom line.

The experienced attorneys at Tully Rinckey PLLC are available to assist you and your business with every aspect of tax planning. We can ensure that your company is structured in a way that creates tax savings while also allowing your business to grow and expand. We also provide aggressive representation when dealing with tax authorities in audits.

Contracts are used across the commercial spectrum.  If one party breaches or terminates an enforceable contract, the non-breaching party may sue to recover damages, which depending on the jurisdiction could include the loss of profit or out of pocket costs, and/or consequential damages, and in some cases attorney’s fees.

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Closely held businesses, partnerships, and limited liability companies may experience internal disagreements among the partners or members over managing or expanding the business or over compensation.

Disputes can arise at the end of a partnership. Whether it is allocating debts and assets, managing the wind down of the business or transitioning clients or services we can help you navigate through the issues so you can move forward with your next business.

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