As you approach your senior years, certain legal issues become more important. Chances are good, for instance, that at some point you’ll require long-term care to enable you to age in place or to find the assistance you need to live meaningfully. Similarly, you may be thinking about what will happen to your estate once you pass away. Now is the time to plan for what you’ll do if a chronic condition, trauma, or illness limits your ability to carry out the basic tasks of daily living, or how your estate should be handled once you die.

We handle a full range of elder legal issues, including:

  • Developing a durable power of attorney and advance directive, including a living will and health care proxy
  • Setting up guardianships
  • Implementing strategies to protect your assets both before and after the benefits application is filed
  • Informing you on the merits of long term care insurance and your possible eligibility for veterans non-service connected pension benefits as a means for paying for expenses for home care and assisted living

The aggregate of the property you own is your “estate.” Whether it’s big or small, it has value to you. If you want to preserve your estate, or if you want to ensure it goes to those who are most deserving of it after you die, then you need a plan – and an estate planning attorney to help you.

Tully Rinckey’s estate planning attorneys have helped thousands of clients achieve peace of mind by assisting them in every aspect of estate planning. We can assist you, too, by:

  • Guiding you through the process of developing a will, trust, or estate plan that works best for your family
  • Helping you document the distribution of your estate to heirs or charitable institutions once you pass away
  • Demystifying the probate process, minimizing or eliminating potential estate taxes and other expenses
  • Advising you on both federal and state laws governing estates, particularly what you can and cannot do with regard to the distribution of your assets

Whether your estate is simple, complex, or somewhere in between, our goal is to provide you reasonably priced, efficient, and compassionate service when you are faced with the complicated and confusing decisions that often arise during stressful and traumatic times in your life.

The key to successful planning is taking action as soon as possible, while you’re still alert, aware, and healthy. We can help you develop an end-of-life care and estate plan that meets your needs and allows your loved ones to understand your wishes even if it gets to the point when you can no longer communicate with them.

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