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Attorney talks mask travel mandates

April 25, 2022

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(WIVB) — Most Americans, traveling by planes, trains or buses still do not need to mask up, following a judge’s ruling earlier this week.

In some places, including New York State, mandates still apply. That means travelers at the Buffalo Airport have to mask up until they’re on their flight.

On News 4 at 4, an attorney told us that any airline could require masks, but no major airline is doing that right now.

“They’re really left with the decision of, they can instruct their clients or their passengers that, “Hey, you guys still need to wear masks,” at this point none of the major airlines, at least to my knowledge, are doing that, said Ryan McCall, attorney, Tully Rinckey PLLC. “Which really leads me to believe that the airlines and other transportation companies are taking the approach of “We’re just going to let passengers make their own informed decisions.”

The Justice Department is appealing the federal judge’s ruling, blocking the mask mandate.

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