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Frustration builds during cannabis industry pause

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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This week on Empire State Weekly, the legal cannabis rollout in New York state faced a significant hurdle as a lawsuit placed the entire industry on pause.

Ryan McCall, a lawyer for Tully Rinckey PLLC and marijuana law expert, explained the lawsuit was filed by a group of veterans who allege they were not included in the initial CAURD (conditional adult-use retail dispensaries) license rollout process. He said the lawsuit indicates a growing frustration surrounding the legal cannabis industry.

“I think the main point of frustration is they were looking to expand the original CAURD application program, and you’re seeing people, specifically the veterans in this case, who are saying, when is it going to be our turn? When are we going to be able to have our bite of the apple to be able to open up a dispensary along with other types of businesses such as women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses,” said McCall.

Also this week, Rafael Bernal, a staff writer for the political website The Hill, spoke on the ongoing back and forth between the state government and the federal government over the incoming migrants surge. Bernal explained that although both New York’s Governor and the City Mayor, Eric Adams, have asked for assistance, this is not a key issue in the national political stage.

“…first because Congress is very worried about passing any sort of budget, about avoiding a government shutdown. And second of all, because although it’s a central issue towards 2024, it’s not the only issue, but it is important in terms of the campaigns, the Biden administration feels like it’s paddling upstream with this issue with voters,” said Bernal.

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