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Legal professionals: Omicron may play role in SCOTUS vaccine mandate rulings

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WASHINGTON (TND) — As the omicron variant makes up the majority of new COVID-19 cases in the United States, the Supreme Court is poised to decide whether tens of millions of Americans will be required to be vaccinated.

“We can’t continue to have these mandates upheld, overturned, stayed, not stayed. It’s confusing for people,” Silva said.

Though it’s not part of the central question Silva described, she said the surge of the omicron variant could play into the justices’ decision.

“They can consider, also you know, general public welfare. We are talking about a very contagious, communicable disease,” Silva said.

Washington and Lee University School of Law Emeritus Professor Timothy Jost agreed.

“One of the things the court has to be convinced is that there is an emergency and I think with omicron, the emergency is even clearer,” Jost said.

Jost argued the DHHS mandate may have a better chance of being upheld because it relates to conditions of federal spending, but believes both mandates were created on solid legal ground.

“The courts have upheld regulations of workplace conditions for decades,” Jost said.

Some legal experts speculate the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium earlier this year could be a sign it will do the same for these federal rules.

Jost said the facts in these cases are much different than the CDC’s.

“The problem, in that case, was that the court just didn’t think that Congress had authorized the CDC to act to block evictions nationwide and the whole case really turned on the language of the statute and in these cases, you have much clearer authority from Congress to require vaccines,” Jost said.

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