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Mask or no mask? Changing guidelines paint potentially unclear picture here in New York

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(WBNG) — Even though a federal judge has struck down the CDC’s masking on public transportation mandate, there are still rules you are required to follow while on the go here in the Southern Tier.

Legal experts told 12 News Thursday that despite the shifting guidance at the federal level, New York State has its own mandates in place.

This means if you take public transportation in the state, such as BC Transit locally or the MTA subway in NYC, you will be required to wear a mask for the foreseeable future.

The mandate also applies to airports but seeing as several private companies such as Delta or United have removed their own requirements, the rules may be different from point A to point B.

“So one of the big situations that people are going to be facing is moving forward, in New York State, if you walk into an N.Y.S. airport, you need to make sure you have your mask on, but if you’re riding on one of the major airlines such as Southwest, you can now take your mask off once you get on the plane,” said Ryan McCall, an attorney with Tully Rinckey.

Other private transportation companies such as Uber have also lifted their mask mandates in the wake of the Florida judge’s ruling.

McCall said New York is unlikely to follow suit based on a decision somewhere else, as he added the state has tried to position itself at the forefront during the pandemic.

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