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New webinar series for workers on COVID-19 and Workers Compensation to begin

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New York State (WRGB) — The online sessions are targeted toward workers who’ve lost time from work, have ongoing medical problems, or fall into the category of “long haulers.”

However, the information is relevant to anyone who believes they may have contracted the virus due to an exposure at work.

One local attorney tells CBS6 that this is a big issue because many don’t know the difference between workers compensation and paid COVID sick leave. He’s urging everyone to learn the difference.

Workers compensation is intended for individuals who are experiencing a loss of income due to an increased absence at work because of an injury.

Paid COVID sick leave was designed for those who contract the virus and need to miss work.

Based on the size of your employer and the revenue they generate, some are able to take between 5-14 days of paid sick time because of having COVID.

Now, the Workers Compensation Board is allowing individuals who’ve experienced a long-term absence in the workplace to file workers compensation claims, just like any employee who suffered a serious injury.

Ryan McCall, Associate Attorney with Tully Rinckey PLLC, says “What I recommend to all workers who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms at work – alert your employer immediately. That is the most important thing you can do because it somewhat begins that clock for each individual employer to report it to their insurance carrier. From there, that individual insurance carrier…if filing for workers compensation…needs to process that claim within 18 days and then send it to the workers compensation board.”

The first session starts today and will run from 12-1PM. Other sessions will take place in March and April.

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