Explainer: How might the Trump whistleblower mystery unfold?

By Jan Wolfe | Reuters | September 20, 2019 U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is in a standoff with leaders of the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives…

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Democratic-Run House Creates New Whistleblower Ombudsman

During their first hours controlling the House in the 116th Congress, Democrats on Jan. 3 and Jan. 4 pushed through an array of single-chamber rules changes that…

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Here’s What Sergeant’s Lawsuit Against Onondaga Sheriff’s Office Must Prove

A sergeant with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office is suing the department, with a 70-page lawsuit outlining allegations of improper arrests, illegal seizures, false…

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Grassley Wins Declassification of CIA Documents on Monitoring Whistleblowers

After a four-and-a-half year wait, one of the Senate’s key whistleblower advocates succeeded in arranging the declassification of documents he says show that the CIA…

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Outlook 2018: Office of Special Counsel Emphasizes Discipline

The agencies responsible for protecting federal whistleblowers and overseeing the government’s labor relations program will begin 2018 with their top leaders in place. The panel…

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