Ex-DOD Watchdog Head Resigns After Trump Demotes Him

President Donald Trump’s recent firings of inspectors general won’t directly stop any investigations by their offices, but may have a chilling effect on…

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Mattis rebukes Trump over removal of Pentagon inspector general

Former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis issued a rare public rebuke of President Trump Tuesday over his decision to fire Glenn Fine, the Pentagon inspector general charged with…

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Troops beware: New security clearance rules could bite you

More service members could be at risk of losing their security clearances if they don’t keep on top of their finances, because of changes in rules for the security clearance…

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How Many Troops Did The Pentagon Boot Out Over Botched Drug Tests?

The Department of Defense announced a two-day pause to court-martial and administrative separation proceedings involving the wrongful use of controlled substances, due to worries…

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