Clearance Insecurity – Marketplace Morning Report

For some government workers, the shutdown might mean skipping bill payments and subsequent bad credit, and that could have implications on their security clearances. A fuel price…

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Troops beware: New security clearance rules could bite you

More service members could be at risk of losing their security clearances if they don’t keep on top of their finances, because of changes in rules for the security clearance…

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Trump’s security clearance action against Brennan poses threat to many, demonstrates need for due process

Petty and vicious, the revocation of John Brennan’s security clearance by President Trump threatens many more — and much more — than the nine individuals targeted by his…

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Jared Kushner and the state of security clearances in the White House

The White House’s insistence that Jared Kushner’s work will not be affected by chief of staff John Kelly’s crackdown on interim clearances — a move Kelly made…

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Interim security clearances are routine, but are they risky?

WASHINGTON — Rob Porter, who resigned from his White House job following allegations that he abused his two ex-wives, held an interim security clearance while working as…

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Tally of White House officials lacking permanent security clearances surpassed 100: Reports

Scores of White House officials appointed by President Trump’s administration lacked permanent security clearances 10 months into his tenure, according to new reports. At least…

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Firearms and Security Clearance

There are many things you might have to give up when you hold a security clearance, but your firearm is not on the list. There are many things you might have to give up when you…

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