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Immigration Alert: Travel Updates & More

India Travel Restrictions Update The Department of State (DOS) has published guidance relating to the Presidential Proclamation restricting the entry of nonimmigrant travelers who…

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Biden administration eases immigration entry rule

“Technically speaking, the public charge rule has not ended. It’s a cornerstone of immigration law since the 1800s,” said Michael Freestone, a partner in the immigration…

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Immigration Alert: Legislation Updates

Embassy and Consulate Visa Services Update: The Department of State (DOS) has issued an updated advisory on the status of visa services as they slowly resume operations. The DOS…

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Maintaining Green Card Status

Legal permanent residence status is obtained generally via family or employer sponsorship. One of the key aspects of maintaining a green card is maintaining an existing…

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2020 Travel Restrictions and National Interest Exemptions

Looking back at the ways our lives have changed in 2020 one of the most significant upheavals has been international travel restrictions. The unprecedented spread of Covid-19…

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What You Need to Know About International Travel in 2021

Summer is right around the corner and COVID-19 vaccinations are increasing across the United States. The airlines are expecting a huge increase in travelers this summer. Its…

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Immigration Alert: Humanitarian Developments

USCIS to Abandon Strict Trump Administration Naturalization Test: Following President Biden’s executive order seeking to overhaul the immigration system of the United States the…

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Immigration Alert: Updates From The Biden Administration

Department of Homeland Security to Remove Terms “Alien” and “Illegal Alien” Buzzfeed news has reported this week via a leaked memo that the Biden Administration has…

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H1B Visa Lottery 2021 – What You Need To Know

The H1B visa registration process for Fiscal Year 2022 will soon open on March 9 and will remain open until March 26. Employers are advised to prepare as early as possible to take…

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Immigration Alert: New Executive Orders from The Biden Administration

“Revisions to Interpretation of the Public Charge Rule President Biden issued an executive order directing federal agencies to immediately review the regulations and policy…

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