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An End to Child Marriage: New Age of Consent Law in New York

A law signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 20, 2017 makes it illegal for a child under the age of 17 to marry in New York State. This may not sound like anything new, but most…

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Raise the Age

Do you remember ‘Bewitched” with Samantha and Darren Stephens, Tabitha, and Aunt Clara (really, who could forget Aunt Clara!)?   Not everyone will remember, but for those of…

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Although Costly, Subsidies Available for Adoptive Parents

Whether it is a stepparent adoption, Foster Care Adoption, Private Adoption or even an International Adoption, the cost involved in the adoption process can often be intimidating.…

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Can I Keep My Car if I Declare Bankruptcy?

Often times, a person’s vehicle is an important lifeline that is used for transportation to work, school, and medical appointments. If you are experiencing financial hardship…

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Can you keep a (Trade) Secret?

Pitfalls and Prospects for the Small Business Owner   In an ever-evolving collaborative economy, business owners find themselves increasingly relying on outside entities to…

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Hatch Act Protects Freedom of Political Speech on Social Media… to a Point

Lately, federal employees have been using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to air their views about the Trump administration, and their prevailing concern has…

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Modifying Child Support Payments

Whether your business is hit by an economic downturn, you lost your job or you experienced a pay cut, the deciding factors when a court is considering reducing a parent’s…

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Estate Planning after a Divorce

Though a divorce can be a difficult time in your life, it is always important to think ahead about your future and this new phase in your life. After the dust settles from the…

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Tips for Executing a Will; Causa Mortis Gift Requirements

Legal Chat: Deathbed gifts If a friend gives me her jewelry on her deathbed, does that count as a valid gift that I can keep? A gift given when someone confronts his own mortality…

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Punishments for traditional drugs vs. synthetic

By, Mathew B. Tully Q. Does the military more harshly punish service members who use traditional illegal drugs as opposed to synthetic drugs, such as spice? A. The service…

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