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What Are My Options to Appeal a Discharge Upgrade Denial?

When a service member leaves active duty, their discharge documentation, known as a DD214, indicates the nature of their discharge. While the majority of Veterans will be…

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What Happens When There Is a Failed Drug Test in the Military?

The military has “zero tolerance” for drug use while in service, whether you are in the Active Component or the Reserves. The expectation is that if a service member is going…

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SBP Open Season – Why is DFAS denying me?

The NDAA 2023 required that DFAS conduct an open season to allow anybody not currently participating in the Survivor Benefit Plan (“SBP”) program to update their elections.…

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What Happens to My VA Benefits If I Am Incarcerated?

A Veteran may find himself or herself either facing jail time or currently incarcerated. A Veteran will want to know how being incarcerated will impact their benefits, including…

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Credentialing Actions and Investigations in the Military Healthcare System

Medical providers in the military, whether service members themselves or contracted providers, can find their medical license and their livelihood under attack through a Quality…

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SBP Open Season—Is DFAS intentionally ignoring the NDAA 2023?

Military retirees may be eligible to make an election at certain times—upon retirement, immediately following a divorce or marriage, etc.—that would allow their surviving…

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Can You Be Charged Under the UCMJ After Discharge?

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (“UCMJ”) was enacted by Congress to provide substantive and procedural laws governing the military justice system, including…

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Too Much Information: The Problem with “Personality Disorder” on Military Discharge Documents

Too many veterans leave the military with mental health conditions. Additionally, many of them may have had their mental health conditions misdiagnosed while they were serving. As…

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What Military Medical Providers Need to Know About Adverse Privileging Actions and Quality Assurance Investigations?

The Department of Defense employs civilians, contractors, and service members to provide medical and mental health care to dependents, military members, and retirees/veterans. Of…

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Survivor Benefit Plan and Marriage/Divorce

The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) is a benefit afforded to military retirees to ensure a continuous lifetime annuity for their dependents after the service member dies. The benefit…

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