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Can President Biden Lawfully Order Members of the Military to Take a COVID-19 Vaccine?

The short answer is yes: The President of the United States can order members of the military to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Don’t be fooled otherwise by secondhand information…

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How to Prevent an ROTC Disenrollment

No Cadet or Midshipmen joins the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) with the thought that they will face disenrollment. However, many can fall victim to losing their future…

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Line of Duty Determinations: Why You Need Them and What to Do if You Don’t Have One

Getting injured in the military is a normal and accepted consequence of choosing to serve. In fact, finding a veteran who did not suffer any injuries during his or her service is…

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Pitfalls of Snapchat and Other Social Media Apps that Might Cost You Your Military Career

While it is to no one’s surprise that social media literacy has been a large issue topic for many Americans recently, people—especially service members—need to be more…

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Three Consequences of Using Marijuana After Your State “Legalizes”

States across the country are claiming to have legalized marijuana. While they have the authority to do so for State law only, marijuana still remains an illegal Schedule 1 drug…

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Veterans Treatment Courts Seek to Rehabilitate Veterans in Lieu of Punishment After an Arrest

If you had served the country and have been arrested you might be thinking to yourself, “how did I get here, and where should I go from here?” Going from serving your country…

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When the Military Picks the Jury Pool, the Deck Becomes Stacked. What Service Members Need to Know Before Going to Court

The difference surrounding how courts go through a jury selection process might seem straightforward on the outside; however, when it comes to military courts, the process is…

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The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2021 Sinks Service member’s Appellate Rights

As we enter 2021, a significant number of high profile newsworthy events have occurred including the Presidential administration of Donald Trump leaving office and the…

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Know the risks before you go: The Air Force Academy will disenroll a cadet with less due process than either the Army or Navy Academies.

The United States Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, Colorado is the Air Force’s most prestigious and esteemed officer commissioning university program in the…

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Federal laws keep marijuana illegal for military personnel, despite state legalization

Even as medical and recreational use of marijuana becomes legal for those over 21 in many states, U.S. military personnel face severe consequences if they use marijuana or other…

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