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Department of Defense’s Tainted Claim Policy and Unjust Enrichment at the Expense of the Servicemember

The “Tainted Claim Policy” is commonly unknown by service members yet can cost a service member thousands of dollars, which can set them up for a lifetime of debt. This policy…

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Forthcoming Presumptive Conditions for Veterans Exposed to Burn Pits, Agent Orange, and Radiation

The US Senate recently agreed to a deal granting Veterans exposed to burn pits the right to receive VA benefits. Additionally, the House has already offered their support for the…

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Under Investigation? Know Your Rights and Don’t Engage the Enemy Alone

You feel sick in the pit of your stomach. You have just found out, either through the grapevine or by formal notification, that you are under investigation. Your first reaction is…

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What Veterans and Service Members Need to Know About Military Discharge Upgrades

You have spent countless years of your life serving your country with honor and distinction, only to find yourself facing a discharge less than fully honorable due to misconduct.…

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Know The Risks Before You Go: United States Military Veterans Joining the Ukrainian Army May Run Afoul of Federal Law and/or Lose Benefits or US Citizenship

Since the Russian Federation launched a “Special Military Operation” on February 24, the news cycle has been around the clock nonstop coverage of heartbreaking mass atrocities…

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The VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers is Now Eligible for Judicial Review

In a 2021 class-action lawsuit of Beaudette v. McDonough, brought by the National Veterans’ Legal Services Program (NVLSP), the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans…

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Presumption of Innocence: Does it Still Apply in the Military Justice System and How Can you Protect Yourself Against Allegations of Misconduct?

Due to the uniquely coercive factors present in the military, many times, those who are accused of misconduct feel pressured to speak up to give their side of the story. This…

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What Service Members Need to Know About How to File an Article 138 Complaint

Article 138 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UMCJ) is one of the most powerful rights for a service member wronged by their command. Despite its power, many service…

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The Basics of Administrative Separation: Can You be Fired From the Military?

With the military’s need for order and good conduct amongst its ranks, it is necessary that they have some way of enforcing order and determining whether or not certain…

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What You Need to Know About Your SBP Benefits

Unfortunately, military retirement pay stops after the death of the retiree. What this means is that a military veteran could devote their entire career and life to their service,…

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