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New York Legislators Stand-up to Squatters: How Squatters and Squatter’s Rights Cases in New York Could Be in for Big Changes.

Property ownership in New York can be complicated, especially when you choose to rent or leave your property empty for extended periods of time throughout the year. Specifically,…

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How Will Disinflation Impact the Current Housing Market?

The housing market is continually evolving in 2023 as inflation weighs heavily on both home buyers’ and sellers’ minds. With rates coming down and the traditionally…

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Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel for Home Buyers in 2023?

With the housing market oscillating from a buyer’s market to a buyer’s nightmare throughout the pandemic, many are optimistic that 2023 will give buyers some more leverage as…

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What New York State’s Eviction Moratorium Extension Means For Landlords

Since former Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the initial New York Eviction Moratorium on March 20, 2021, New York State landlords have received little to no assistance from the New…

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Considering purchasing property in Ireland?

Investment climate and market trends Both the commercial and residential marketplace in Ireland are expected to remain strong in 2019. Ireland’s residential real estate market…

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Rental scams in New York State: How to avoid them and what to do if you become a victim

New Yorkers looking for rental homes or apartments in the state are falling prey to rental fraud all too often. Rental scams are executed by criminals in a variety of ways, but…

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