Articles by Marc T. Napolitana

When does AWOL become Desertion?

One of the most basic rules in the military is to be at your appointed place of duty on time. While you can always be excused from appearing at your place of duty—whether it is…

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Can My Mental Health Disqualify Me from Holding a Security Clearance?

When the government grants someone a security clearance, they are demonstrating a tremendous amount of trust in that individual. The government must know that one has sound…

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Arkansas Air National Guard technician fights legal battle to obtain medical benefits

A technical sergeant is taking legal action against her command, hoping to reverse a line-of-duty determination, for health conditions she said are related to her service in the…

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Airman makes video asking where vets discharged for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine can find work

In a recent viral video, a senior airman in the Air Force asks viewers to help find jobs for service members leaving the military because they refuse to take the mandatory…

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How to Protect Your Military Career from a Failed Drug Test

If you are in the military, there is no doubt you have heard the term “zero tolerance” when it comes to the topic of drugs. To be fair, this is a justified rule and policy. If…

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Marijuana Investments: Will this cost you your security clearance and your career?

Over the last year, there has been a surge in interest in two distinct areas for the average citizen: marijuana and the stock market. Changes in many states’ laws have…

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