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What tenants and landlords need to know about the end of NY’s eviction moratorium

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(WSYR-TV) — On March 20, 2020 through executive order then Governor Andrew Cuomo announced New York’s eviction moratorium, to help people who had a hardship during the pandemic. It was extended a number of times.

“No one can be evicted for non payment of rent, residents or commercial,” Cuomo said of the moratorium during a briefing during May of 2020.

After roughly 22 months the Eviction Moratorium will end January 15th. So what does that mean for landlords and tenants?

“Landlords are able to proceed with evicting tenants as if the moratorium never happened,” said Ryan McCall an attorney at Tully Rinckey. “So assuming that service was effected and landlords properly served their termination notices and petitions, they can begin evicting tenants as soon as Monday.”

McCall said in order to do that landlords would have to have given tenants proper notice, which depends on how long they have lived at the address.

“So if you resided in your unit for less than one year, you’re entitled to 30 days notice, less than two years 60 days notice, more than two years you would be entitled to 90 days notice,” McCall explained.

McCall who has represented landlords said Good-Cause Eviction Bills enacted, “Which can prevent termination of tenancies which may not necessarily have a reason to be terminated, such as people who are holdovers that they’re willing to pay their rent, but their landlord just wants more,” he explained.

McCall encourages landlords and tenants to consult with an attorney if they can to see what options are available and to ensure whatever action is taken is done properly.

Onondaga County had its own rent relief program which began last April. Since 4,694 payments have been made or obligated for a total of $24 million. Approximately $2.3 million is left in the county’s allocation and the county estimates making 450 more payments.

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