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Who Gets the Family Pet in a Divorce?

Effective this past October, New York State passed a law related to custody of pets in divorce. Specifically, this law relates to what are called Companion Animals. Previously,…

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Is Virtual Visitation a Practical Option in a Post-COVID World?

Visitation and child custody cases are rarely easy, and oftentimes the solutions proposed are not very equitable to both parents. Also, a parental separation can lead to the…

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How to Prepare for a Virtual Hearing in Court

Much like the pandemic itself wherein adaptability and preparedness beget success, those same qualities are necessary to find success in court as well. However, as many courts…

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The Importance of Co-Parenting

For any couple that may be going through a divorce or break up, the process can become even more challenging when custody and parenting issues arise. In New York, when parents…

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Do I Need a Prenuptial Agreement if I Don’t Have Any Assets?

A common misconception is that a prenuptial agreement is only for the rich and famous, however, this is simply not true. While it is certainly not the most romantic part of your…

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Who gets the Pet in a Divorce? From Chattel to Childlike Custody.

Child custody cases can be some of the most emotionally charged battles a person can experience in the course of their life. But these days, the fight for custody has been…

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Marijuana Legalization: What Effect in Family Courts?

The recent changes to the marijuana laws in New York State have already begun to have a huge impact on people’s daily lives. While many are happy about the changes allowing…

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New York gives birth to Paid Surrogacy

As of February 2021, New York joined the majority of states that allow for parties to contract and pay for a third party to carry their child to birth. Many years ago, New York…

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How Marijuana and Other Drug Use Can Affect you in Family Court

With the recent legalization of marijuana in New York State, many New Yorkers are still left wondering as to what their rights are in regards to usage and how that might affect…

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Child Protective Services During COVID

The last thing any parent wants to deal with when it comes to their children is the Child Protective Services (CPS), the Agency charged with investigating allegations of child…

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