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Arizona National Guard pilot wins appeal of medical care denial

Arizona Air National Guard pilot Christine Kjornes spent years battling the Department of Defense for medical benefits and pay after health conditions forced her from the cockpit.…

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Tully Rinckey PLLC Promotes Allison Weber to Partner

Tully Rinckey PLLC Promotes Allison Weber to Partner Military law and security clearance law attorney joined the firm in 2018 after JAG Corps service. BUFFALO, N.Y. – Tully…

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Presumption of Innocence: Does it Still Apply in the Military Justice System and How Can you Protect Yourself Against Allegations of Misconduct?

Due to the uniquely coercive factors present in the military, many times, those who are accused of misconduct feel pressured to speak up to give their side of the story. This…

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How to Obtain or Maintain a Security Clearance Despite Prior Drug Use

Under Guideline H, Drug Involvement, the government may have security concerns about past or current illegal drug use since this can raise questions as to your judgment,…

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Effort to Remove Prosecution Power from Military Commanders Gains Congressional Momentum

Congress is moving closer to enacting legislation that would remove the prosecution of felony crimes by members of the U.S. armed forces from the chain of command. The chairman of…

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Military Criminal Records – What do they mean? How do they impact you? How do you correct them?

Everyone has seen the criminal dramas on TV and has a general understanding of what it means to be arrested, but in the military, an “arrest” is quite different. This…

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Keeping Your Security Clearance After An Arrest

Individuals with security clearances, whether that be a Top Secret (TS), Top Secret–Special Compartmentalized Information (TS-SCI), or Secret, are obligated to disclose…

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Air Force couple, both sexual assault victims, say disparity in treatment shows gender discrimination

When Air Force officers Alex Gibson and Josh Dobhailen first met at the service’s Intelligence Officer Course in 2017, each was recovering from a sexual assault. They married…

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Line of Duty Determinations: Why You Need Them and What to Do if You Don’t Have One

Getting injured in the military is a normal and accepted consequence of choosing to serve. In fact, finding a veteran who did not suffer any injuries during his or her service is…

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