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Biden to Seek Pay Data to Help End Gender, Racial Disparities

The incoming Biden administration is looking to boost pay transparency for all U.S. workers through better data collection, a move academics, attorneys, and civil rights groups…

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McCabe’s FOIA Complaint Is Unique to Public Sector

  Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who lost his full pension when he was red two days before his retirement, is asking federal officials to disclose the “policies…

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Time for change: Office of Personnel Management is updating its digital records system

Time is ticking as government officials work to update the aging digital records system at the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The goal of the update is to…

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OPM Enacts New Requirements to Transition Political Appointees into Career Employees

Agencies seeking to hire current or former political appointees into covered civil service jobs are facing new requirements from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). OPM…

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EPA sources: Pruitt aide tried to back-date departure after congressional interview request

Washington (CNN) – One of embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s most trusted advisers sought to retroactively change her resignation date a day after the House…

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What Andrew McCabe Stands to Lose if He’s Fired From FBI

Getting fired right before you collect your full retirement benefit would be a nightmare for most people. For former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, it’s inching closer to…

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Whose Term Is It Anyway? Appeals Board Pick Perplexes

The fine print in the president’s announcement that he’s appointing Andrew Maunz to the Merit Systems Protection Board is causing some head scratching. Would Maunz be joining…

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Trump Wants Kirk to Steer Federal Worker Appeals Board

Trump Wants Kirk to Steer Federal Worker Appeals Board • Mystery solved: Current member won’t remain on Merit Systems Protection Board • New nominee’s experience as…

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Outlook 2018: Office of Special Counsel Emphasizes Discipline

The agencies responsible for protecting federal whistleblowers and overseeing the government’s labor relations program will begin 2018 with their top leaders in place. The panel…

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