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Understanding Guideline B: Foreign Influence

Many employees and contractors of the United States federal government, military personnel, government officials, and other individuals charged with upholding public safety and…

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GovExec Daily: What Musk’s Twitter Purchase Means for National Security

Elon Musk’s stewardship of Twitter has been chaotic, with Musk changing longstanding policy nearly every day or laying off employees en masse. Last week, President Joe Biden…

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New Foreign Travel Reporting Requirements for America’s Elite and Secured Workforce

Recent reform of facilities clearance regulations now demands more of the corporate facilities security officer (FSO). On February 24, 2021, the NISPOM Rule was codified in the…

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Exclusive Interview with FBI Special Agent Steve Friend and Attorney Dan Meyer

“Participating in any way was going to be a moral problem.” In this episode of the Whistleblower of the Week podcast, FBI whistleblower Jane Turner talks with Special Agent…

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FBI whistleblower program is ‘broken’: Dan Meyer

Co-Counselor to Steve Friend, Dan Meyer, discusses on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ the treatment of FBI whistleblowers following the ‘persecution’ and use…

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Trump legal team pushes back against Mar-a-Lago special master

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team and Justice Department officials attended the first special master hearing in Brooklyn, New York, Tuesday regarding the documents…

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Former intelligence officer on Trump documents investigation

A judge said Thursday she’d make a decision “in due course” on former President Trump’s request for an outside expert to review documents seized in the…

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Trump testing boundaries of executive privilege in Mar-a-Lago documents investigation

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump have argued that some of the materials seized by the FBI from his Mar-a-Lago home could be subject to executive privilege. CBS News…

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GovExec Daily: What Happens After The Mar-A-Lago FBI Search?

Earlier this week, the FBI searched the Florida home of former President Donald J. Trump. According to reports, the search may be related to an investigation into whether Trump…

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Army colonel turned-Congressman wants the military to go easier on troops who smoke pot

Rep. Anthony Brown, a retired Army colonel, and former military lawyer, has introduced legislation that would require the Defense Department to review sentences for troops…

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