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Past Drug Use Remains a Problem for Security Clearances in 2024

Currently, 24 states have legalized or at least decriminalized recreational use of marijuana, while another 14 states have legalized or decriminalized it for medical reasons.…

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Pentagon Leaker Jack Teixeira Accepted Plea Deal – Could Face 16 Years in Prison

Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira agreed to a plea deal on Monday that could see the 22-year-old sentenced up to 16 years in prison. According to the plea…

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Navigating the Security Clearance Processing Backlog

There is little instant gratification within the Security process. The persistent ebb and flow of security clearance processing times is understood first and foremost through a…

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When you leave service in national security, you just can’t go work anywhere.

National security eyebrows shot up last month when a former FBI counterintelligence special agent received a four-year prison sentence. Why? He had gone to work for a Russian…

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Mental health not costing many troops security clearances, data shows

For years, military leaders have insisted that troops in need of mental health care should reach out without worrying it will adversely impact their professional path. Yet despite…

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Continuous vetting for trust and security clearance is easier said than done

Growing numbers of federal employees are about to come under what’s known as continuous vetting. Public databases automatically monitored by security officials to make sure you…

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GOP presidential candidate promises ‘large-scale, mass layoffs’ across government

Federal agencies will experience mass layoffs in 2025 if one of the leading Republican presidential candidates is elected, eventually leading to an elimination of 75% of all…

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How to make sure you keep that security clearance

You’re heard of the term cancel culture: getting rid of people with unpopular opinions. It’s not all that new. The popular new movie Oppenheimer re-enacts the revocation of…

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Trump Lawyers Face Crime-Fraud Exception in Claiming Attorney-Client Privilege

WASHINGTON — The latest indictment against former President Donald Trump this week listed as co-conspirators five attorneys who are likely to have their loyalty to their client…

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Why violent extremists get security clearances — but people of color must sometimes wait and wait

At the dawn of former President Donald Trump’s administration, government employees and contractors in need of security clearances could wait years for approval. Federal…

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