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Will feds get The Vaccine — or sue instead?

The pandemic is like the worst house guest ever. It departs only after rendering its hosts haggard. At last it looked like things might get back to normal. But no. The guest…

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For US Troops, Getting COVID Vaccine Is Now a Matter of ‘How and When’

The Pentagon must determine “how and when” the vaccine will be mandated for all service members, too, President Joe Biden announced Thursday. “Today I’m asking the Defense…

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What we know about federal vaccine rules, paid leave, potential $100 payments

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden on Thursday announced civilian federal employees and onsite contractors must be vaccinated or undergo once or twice a week COVID-19 testingand…

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Biden’s vaccine rule draws both cheers and resistance from federal workers

President Biden’s plan to require federal workers to get vaccinated or face regular testing and other restrictions has splintered groups representing large numbers of employees,…

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How to Avoid Jeopardizing Your Security Clearance: Guideline F, Financial Considerations

As the Federal security adjudicators return to the office full time, the scrutiny on security clearances and resulting reviews and adjudications will move back to their 2019…

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What would happen to the federal employees who resist a vaccine mandate?

The White House is considering a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for federal employees, but any such move will create complications with workforce groups and in the area of…

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New Kent woman who helped journalists expose financial corruption may soon be imprisoned

When Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards first suspected wrongdoing, she went to her superior at the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. She then…

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Veteran investigators launch new watchdog group to assist ‘patriotic whistleblowers’

A group of veteran investigators, attorneys, and law enforcement leaders on Friday launched a new nonpartisan, nonprofit watchdog dedicated to strengthening public integrity and…

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Array Digital: The Managing Partners Podcast featuring Daniel Meyer

Daniel Meyer is the DC Managing Partner of Tully Rinckey, PLLC, an international law firm headquartered at Albany, New York. He served as the first Executive Director for…

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Federal Security Clearance: Foreign Influence & Preference in an Age of Globalized National Security

As official Washington begins to pull in the reigns with respect to security clearance in the post 9/11 world, agencies are making it clear about how they will approach situations…

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