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Reciprocity remains as key clearance issue

In 2018, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, got involved in the minutiae of security clearance policy because the backlog of open…

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Inside Jim Jordan’s Disastrous Search for a ‘Deep State’ Whistleblower

In early February, Republicans brought an FBI veteran to Capitol Hill whom they hoped would expose a “deep state conspiracy” among Democrats and their accomplices in the…

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The ‘People Who Make Government Go’ Are Affected by the Vacancies Act

The Vacancies Act allows an incoming President 300 days in which to temporarily and unilaterally fill positions with “acting” officers. Recently, the Government…

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Supreme Court hears oral arguments in case challenging legal shield for tech companies

WASHINGTON (TND) — The Supreme Court is weighing potential changes to tech liability law that could drastically change how the internet operates. Justices began hearing oral…

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Why Did Congress Ban TikTok From Federal Devices?

The announced decision by the House of Representatives spotlights the growing social media security concern created by individuals and corporations working with, or for, the…

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Feds mull changes to cannabis questions on vetting forms

The government agencies that set standards and policies for security clearance processes are grappling with a complicated legal landscape for marijuana use across the country and…

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Will George Santos’ Lies Cost Him Access to Classified Information?

Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY) has been unmasked as purveyor of so many falsehoods, it’s really hard to know where the fiction ends and the real person begins. He has also,…

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George Santos may pose ‘espionage threat’ due to murky background, intelligence expert warns

A longtime Pentagon official warned Wednesday that Rep.-elect George Santos (R-Nassau) poses an unprecedented challenge to national security given his recent admitted lying about…

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How Recent MSPB Decisions Have Reshaped the Federal Comparator Employee Framework

Both federal employment law and its subdiscipline of whistleblower protection have undergone quiet yet significant change in the last decade, regardless of which political party…

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Understanding Guideline B: Foreign Influence

Many employees and contractors of the United States federal government, military personnel, government officials, and other individuals charged with upholding public safety and…

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