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New York State’s new mandatory vaccination law leaves some parents seeking answers

A new law in New York State that eliminates exemptions from vaccinations has left some parents in a quandary. As the start of a new school year inches closer, parents who oppose…

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Why Did Convicted Rapist Not Receive Jail Time?

A Watertown bus driver convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl won’t serve time in prison. It’s a decision that’s sparked some outrage across the country. An…

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Man in Chili’s Double Murder to Face Death Penalty

Federal authorities have made the decision to seek the death penalty against the man who admitted to killing two former co-workers. U.S. Attorney General William Barr has…

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Here’s What Sergeant’s Lawsuit Against Onondaga Sheriff’s Office Must Prove

A sergeant with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office is suing the department, with a 70-page lawsuit outlining allegations of improper arrests, illegal seizures, false…

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Rental scams in New York State: How to avoid them and what to do if you become a victim

New Yorkers looking for rental homes or apartments in the state are falling prey to rental fraud all too often. Rental scams are executed by criminals in a variety of ways, but…

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When can hate crime charges be filed?

A number of recent racially offensive displays have people asking questions about freedom of speech, and hate crimes. This week, a confederate flag was placed next to a black…

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Legal expert weighs in on Camillus mother trying to evict adult son from home

It’s nothing unusual to have an adult living at home with their parents. But, what happens when that adult has overstayed their welcome? Well, one Camillus mother is taking…

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Company news: Gerald Raymond joined Tully Rinckey as a partner

Gerald D. Raymond, Esq. joins Tully Rinckey PLLC as partner. Raymond is a member of the firm’s general business, real estate and civil litigation practice groups.…

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It Takes a Team to Educate a Special Needs Child

When a school district informs parents that their children are having trouble at school – whether it’s lack of focus, paying attention or having behavioral issues in the…

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