Articles by Jared Cook

The Impact of FTC Ban on Non-Compete Agreements

The days of non-compete agreements are over after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its final rule earlier this month. The agency said it will promote competition and lead…

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Legal limbo for NY’s pay frequency law

New York’s pay frequency law requires manual workers get paid weekly, but the implementation of this requirement is the subject of various legal challenges, according to Jared…

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New York state law limits employer access to employees’ social media logins

A new law went into effect last week in New York that limits what information employers or prospective employers can ask for when it comes to social media. The law largely governs…

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Independent contractors, gig workers could be reclassified under new ruling

A new Department of Labor rule that would reclassify millions of independent contractors is getting some pushback. The move is set to have a major impact on the “gig worker”…

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New amendment to NY Labor Law protects rights of employees’ social media

ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A new amendment to the New York Labor Law set to be put in effect March 12 will prohibit employers from requesting or requiring the login credentials of…

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New York Court Ruling Holds No Private Right of Action for Pay Frequency Claims

Two recent events may mark the end of the “frequency-of-pay” litigation that has hit New York employers in recent years. First, in a massive victory for New York…

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New York Sen. Sean Ryan plans to reintroduce non-compete ban bill

As time was running out for the governor to sign legislation banning non-compete agreements in New York state, the bill’s sponsor felt they had reached a compromise to…

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Will NY’s Pay Transparency Law end wage discrimination?

New York State has embarked on a significant legislative journey to address wage disparities with its new Pay Transparency Law. The law requires employers to disclose salary…

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$328M settlement reached for Uber, Lyft drivers

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Uber and Lyft drivers across New York State might qualify for part of a $328 million settlement reached between the ride sharing companies and the New York…

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Industry coalition argues N.Y. gas hookup ban violates federal law

As the New York State Legislature debated legislation last session essentially banning gas appliances in most new buildings, members of the building trades argued it would have a…

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