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Summertime Sick Leave Abuse Can Sink Federal Careers

For many federal employees stuck at work on sunny summer days, longing looks outside office windows grow longer and the temptation to play hooky grows stronger. However, employees…

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Ask the Lawyer: Modifying Child Support Payments

Question: I’m divorced and own a restaurant. My business is still reeling from a horrible winter and I’m having trouble meeting my child support obligations. At what point…

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Marital Status Discrimination: The Rules of Engagement

By Mathew B. Tully It seems as though not a day goes by without some new study showing why it is better to be either married, single or in a cohabitating relationship. Just last…

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Contest a Will: a Challenging Process

Q: Shortly before my father passed away, my sister talked him into leaving me out of a trust he initially created for both of us. What can I do so I don’t get left with…

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Go Back to School With the Post-9/11 GI Bill: A Lawyer’s Story

Originally posted in New York Law Journal. With the last U.S. forces being pulled out of Iraq in December 2011 and troops expected to leave Afghanistan by 2014, over 1 million…

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Ask The Lawyer: Should I Reject Captain’s Mast For Court-Martial?

When deciding whether to take a case to court-martial instead of Captain’s Mast, the big question is how hard do you want to fight for your innocence? The next question is do…

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Navigating Associateship Contracts and Purchase Agreement

Contracts. They can evoke as much tribulation in dentists at the start of their careers as the drill can instill in patients. Whether it is an associateship contract or a purchase…

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Ask the Lawyer: Even Legal Separation Can Lead to Adultery Conviction

Question: Can I be punished for adultery if I am legally separated? Could I be charged with anything else? Answer: Yes, you can be convicted of adultery even though you were…

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Fed Employees’ Removals Reversed Because of Termination Secrets

Federal agency managers had better start laying all their cards on the table when it comes to the information they use in their decisions to fire employees. As of February 2011,…

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Should You Adopt Your Stepchild?

With so many second marriages forming these days, the “blended family” has become a common event. The term refers to families that bring together children from prior marriages…

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